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What is asexual reproduction

Reproducing without fertilisation which produces clones


What are clones

Offspring that are genetically identical to the parent


In animals where is asexual reproduction more common and rare

Very rare in vertebrates but more common in invertebrates


How do plants produces asexually

Using runners or bits of root or leaves


How do runners help plants produce asexually

The runners supply the daughter plants with water and nutrients until its leaves and roots are fully developed


Why is asexual reproduction faster than sexual and why is it an advantage

Because there is no need to find a mate and is an advantage when there is resources such a food


What is sexual reproduction

Reproducing by the fertilisation of a female sex cell by a male sex cell. Produces offspring that are different from each other


What does sexual reproduction produce and why is it an advantage

Produces offspring that are different from each other and this is an advantage because if the offspring move to an area in a different environment or if the environment changes


What is variation

That there is a greater chance that some offspring will be better suited to new conditions and will be more likely to survive and reproduce


When is a zygote formed and what happens after

A zygote is formed when a female and a male sex cell fuse during fertilisation. The zygote then forms a ball of cells by mitosis


What is DNA

Where the instructions for an organism are found as code


What is a cells genome

The DNA of an organism


Where is the human genome found

On 46 very long molecules of DNA and each molecule is inside a chromosome


What are genes

Sections along a length of a DNA molecule that each contain a code for making a protein