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Define: Genetics

The study of Heredity, which is the passing of Physical Characteristics from parents to offspring through in the form of genes.


Define: Inheritance

The process by which genetic information is passed from parents to offspring. The offspring carry a unique set of genes, half from their father and half from their mother.


Define: Heterozygous

A combination of 2 different alleles. This is known as a hybrid, and is made up of a recessive allele and a dominant allele.


Define: Homozygous

Two identical alleles, either both recessive or both dominant.


Define: Genotype

The genetic makeup and combination of alleles, which determines the physical characteristics of an organism.


Define: Phenotype

All observable characteristics of an organism.


Define: Dominant Inheritance

Inheritance in which only 1 allele is needed for the offspring to display the characteristic. The dominant allele will mask any recessive allele.


Define: Recessive Inheritance

Inheritance in which both parents must carry the recessive allele in order for the offspring to display the characteristic. 2 recessive alleles are required.


Define: Co-Dominant Inheritance
Give example

A cross between 2 different phenotypes producing an offspring with a 3rd phenotype in which both parental traits appear.

Red Flower + White Flower = Red and White spotted Flower


Define: incomplete inheritance
Give example

A cross between organisms with 2 different phenotypes produces an offspring with a 3rd phenotype that is a blending of the parental traits.

Red Flower + White Flower = Pink Flower


Define: Sex-linked Inheritance

Allele is located on the 'X' chromosome.


Define: Allele

Alternative forms of genes.


Define: Genes

Regions of DNA locates on the chromosome.