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What is Kölsch?

Ale from Cologne fermented at cooler than normal temperatures. All Pils malt.


Three Kölsch

Captain Lawrence Kölsch


What is Belgian Ale?

Ale brewed with Belgian yeasts. May be spiced.
May be pale or dark; also seen in Strong versions (Duvel Strong Pale Ale is a classic). Begian IPA is an emerging style.
ABV 4-7% for "normal" styles
Strong/IPA ABV 7-15%


Two Belgian Strong Pale

Duvel (Duvel Moortgat, BEL)
Delirium Tremens (Huyghe, BEL)
Unibroue Don de Dieu (Quebec)
Brooklyn Local 1 (NY)


Two Belgian Strong Dark

Unibroue Trois Pistoles (Quebec)
Tröegs Mad Elf (PA)
Delirium Nocturnum (Huyghe, BEL)
McChouffe (Brasserie d'Achouffe, BEL)


Two Belgian Pale Ales

Affligem Blond (BEL)
Leffe Blonde (BEL)
Ommegang Rare VOS (NY)
Jolly Pumpkin Luciérnaga, The Firefly (MI)


Two Belgian Dark Ales

Leffe Brune (BEL)
Grottenbier (St. Bernardus, BEL)
Unibroue Noire de Chambly (Quebec)
Ithaca Cold Front (NY)


What is Roggenbier?

Germany rye ale. Spicy, sour rye and clean hop characters. Similar styles may be called Rye Beer elsewhere.
ABV 4-6%


Two Roggenbier

Paulaner Roggen (GER)
Apostelbräu Roggen (GER)
Rogue Farms Roguenbier Rye (OR)


What is Gose?

Originally from Leipzig, Germany. Unfiltered wheat beer, 50-60% malted wheat, lactic acid added to the boil. Low hop bitterness, spice from the addition of ground coriander and salt. Ma be laced with flavored or colored syrups.
ABV 4-5%


Two Gose

Leipziger Gose (Bayerischer Bahnhof)
Sixpoint Jammer


What is Berliner Weissbier?

Top fermented, bottle conditioned, wheat beer, made with traditional cerevisiae and also lactobacillus.
Refreshing, tart, sour, acidic, citrus fruit, no hop bitterness.
ABV 2-5%


Two Berliner Weissbier

Berliner Style Weisse (Bayerischer Bahnhof)
Evil Twin Justin Bläbaer (NY & DK)


What are the syrups added to Berliner Weissbier?

Ordered "mit schuss"
Himbeere: raspberry
Waldmeister: woodruff


What is Altbier?

"Old Beer" from Dusseldorf. German-style brown ale. Name refers to longer conditioning, resulting in mellowed fruitiness, smooth, delicate. Also in reaction to the "new" beer: the lager.
A "Sticke" is a stronger version of Altbier.
ABV 4-7%


Two Altbiers

Original Schlüssel Alt
Füchschen Alt
Southampton Altbier (NY)


What is Sahti?

Finnish farmhouse ale, one of the last few primitive ales. Traditionally mashed in wooden barrels, and then clarified by running the mash into a kuurna (wooden trough) and through a filter of juniper branches, creating a juniper infusion.
Wort is not boiled after lautering, leaving lots of protein and body. A cloudy, unfiltered beer with lots of sediment, typically unhopped (balanced by the sharp resiny note of juniper).
ABV 7-11%


What is Saison?

Also called Farmhouse Ale
Brewed in the winter for drinking in the summer, preserved by hops and spices. Originated in Wallonia (southern Belgium).
ABV: 5-8%


Three Saison

Ommegang Hennepin (NY)
Saison Dupont (BEL)
Dogfish Head Saison du BUFF (DE)


What is Bière de Garde?

Moderate to mediumm bodied, more fruity than hoppy, slight malty sweetness. May be earthy/funky. Often not chill proofed, often cask conditioned.
ABV: 6-8%


Two Bière de Garde

Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza (MI)
Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien (Switzerland)
Brasserie de Saint-Sylvestre Gavroche


Two Bière de Champagne

DeuS (Brouwerij Bosteels, BEL)
Malheur Bière Brut (Brouwerij de Landtsheer, BEL)