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What is a glacier?

A glacier is a moving mass of ice and rocks made up of compact snow or ice from the mountains or the surface
A glacier is the most erosive land mass on the planet


How old are or can glaciers be?

Glaciers were formed back in the last ice age 2.6 million-12,000 years ago


Where can you find glaciers?

You can find a glacier anywhere
Usually most glaciers are found further away from the equator,(e.g. The Lambert Glacier in Antartica)some can be found closer to the equator(e.g. The Kilimanjaro Glacier).


How do glaciers erode?

Glaciers erode through a process called Freeze-Thaw weathering where they pluck debris off of the surface


What is Freeze-Thaw weathering?
How does it work?

Freeze-Thaw weathering is another way glaciers erode
During the day, water goes into the cracks of rocks and expands. During the night, it contracts. The water will do this for a while,(maybe a year) and after a period of time, it will wear down the rocks enough and the rocks will the break. The Glacier then plucks the rock up and drags it along with it.


What is a corrie?

A corrie is an amphitheatre-like chair which is made by Glacial erosion