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If a person wishes to appeal the denial of the release of their vehicle in a post storage hearing, how do they go about doing it?

The can file a CHP 267 ($1000 or less) or file a Victims Compensation Claim ($1000 or more).


Within how much time of receiving a post-storage hearing request does the Department have to grant the hearing?

Within 48 hours of the hearing request.


What shall be written/indicated on a CHP 180 when it is impounded for 30 days?

1. Officer shall mark "Agency Hold" box.
2. Write "Hold for 30 days" in the top margin.


A vehicle is subject to a 30-day impound when?

1. Driver has a sus/rev DL.
2. Driving privilege has been restricted for DUI and the vehicle is not equipped with a functioning and certified interlock device.
3. Driver has never been issued a DL and there are indications the driver will continue to drive.


How shall the Notice of Stored Vehicles be mailed from the Office.

Certified mail, return receipt requested.


Within how long does the Notice of Stored Vehicles have to mailed from the Office?

Within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.


What 1 of 3 things does a repossesor have to show before we release a vehicle to them?

1. Certificate of repossession.
2. A security agreement.
3. A title showing proof of legal ownership.


If a vehicle is registered in a foreign jurisdiction, or towed from private property, and the "Notice of Stored" vehicle returns unclaimed, how long shall the Department wait before sending written notice to the DOJ?

120 hours.


The upper portion of a CHP 422 should be assigned for follow-up investigation within how long of it being issued?

5 days.


Upon issuing a CHP 422 for an abandoned vehicle, how long does an Officer have to wait before towing the vehicle?

4 hours.


Can an Officer be subpoenaed to attend a trial de novo for issuing a CHP 267?



If a violator is not satisfied with the outcome of the administrative hearing for their CHP 267, what recourse to the have?

Seek a trial de novo in Superior Court.


If a violator wants to contest a CHP 267, how do they have to do it?

Contact the citation processing agency.


How would an Officer void a CHP 267?

Submit a memo to the citation processing agency (via the Commander) within 21 days of the date of issuance.


How long shall Officers retain their copies of CHP 281's?

At least 6 months.


When issuing a CHP 281, what shall the Officer advise the violator of?

1. They have to show proof of correction within 30 days.
2. Failing to do so is a misdemeanor.


Can you arrest a person for refusing to sign a CHP 281?



How would an Officer void a citation?

Submit a memo to the Commander detailing the circumstances surrounding the reason for the void, and attach all copies of the citation.


Why would an Officer request a voiding of a citation as opposed to just dismissing it?

They still have all the copies of the citation in their possession.


How would an Officer dismiss a ticket?

Submit a memo to the Commander detailing the circumstances surrounding the reason for the dismissal, and attach the remaining copies of the citation.


Why would an Officer request a dismissal of a citation as opposed to just voiding it?

They have already issued the citation.


How long shall Officers retain their copies of CHP 215's?

1 Year


What is the conditioning period for the initial phase of roadway deployment or when a new roadway is added to an existing radar program?

30 calendar days.


How often are Division area radar coordinators required to conduct an audit of radar speed enforcement programs?

Biennially (once every 2 years).


What are the 4 reasons why the use of radar for speed enforcement would be necessary in an area?

1. High MDR.
2. Speeding problem.
3. Unusual roadway conditions.
4. Effectiveness.


Who approves the use of radars for speed enforcement on CA's freeways?

The Commissioner, after recommendation from AC Field.


By which date shall non-regulated commercial vehicle strike force information be sent to Division's CVS?

NLT close of business, 7 days after the last strike force inspection.


What are the 5 types of Commercial Facilities?

1. Class A.
2. Class B.
3. Class C.
4. Class D.
5. Mini-site.


If an employee notices a discrepancy in the # of CVSA decals at their facility, what shall they do?

Immediately notify their Supervisor and prepare a memo within 3 days of discovery.


What level inspections do SMPV Officers normally conduct during the course of their regular enforcement duties?

Level 2.


How often does an employee have to complete refresher training to keep their Level 1 status?



What commercial loads can an Officer stop solely to determine if the driver is in legal possession of it?

1. Timber products.
2. Livestock.
3. Poultry.
4. Farm produce.
5. Crude oil.
6. Other petroleum products.
7. Inedible kitchen grease.


Upon establishing residency in CA or securing gainful employment in CA, how long does a person have to apply for a CA DL?

10 days.


Who is authorized to put a commercial vehicle out of service?

1. Any uniformed Supervisor.
2. Currently assigned commercial enforcement Officer and Motor Carrier Specialists who have completed Level 1 training.


What are the 3 types of fees collected for the registration of commercial vehicles?

1. Basic registration fee.
2. Vehicle license fee.
3. Unladen weight fee.


When shall California Resident Foreign Registration Program (CRFR) stats be forwarded to Division.

By the 10th day of the end of each Quarter.


If an Officer runs an out of state VIN# and it returns "No Record On File," can they tow the car?



If an Officer runs an out of state LP# and it returns "No Record On File," can they tow the car?