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Describe Abbey Church of Saint-Denis

1140-44. France
-planned by Abbot Suger
-started flowing interior space and all-pervasive, colored interior light.
-led to widespread use of large stained-glass windows
-west facade and narthex combined Norman tripartite facade design with sculptured portals. two towers, round window, and narrative sculpture over 3 portals.
-ribbed groin vaults.semicircular sanctuary surrounded by ambulatory and 7 radiating chapels
-ribbed groin vaults, round piers, pointed arches, wall buttresses
-choir based on open space rather than massive walls
-considered light and color to be means of illuminating the soul and uniting it with God.


Describe Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Paris

-adopted from Norman Romanesque architecture (6 part vaults, flying buttresses)
-four story nave. (arcade, gallery, two levels of small windows)


Describe Chartres Cathedral

Chartres, France. 1134
-main treasure - tunic of the virgin (healing) > lead to becoming major pilgrimage site
-north transept portal shows world before Christ
-south transept = later events in Christian history
-3 = Trinity. 4 = material world 3+4 = 7 (all-inclusive. 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit)
ROYAL PORTAL (west facade)
-center. Christ is enthroned with 4 evangelists. apostles fill lintel and 24 elders line archivolts
-portal on right is dedicated to Mary and early life of Christ
-Left, Christ ascends heavenward in cloud supported by angels
-storied capitals depict earthly activities
-flanking doorways are monumental jamb figures depicting Old Testament kings and queens
-symbolizes support for Christ and Mary
-calm and order prevails all elements


Describe Franciscans and Dominicans

-mendicant orders (believed in poverty, charity, and love. dedicated to teaching and preaching)
Franciscans - Saint Francis. dark grey/brown robes tied with rope. 3 knots symbolize vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience (brothers)
Dominican - Domenico Guzman. teachers. Black Friars because black cloak over white white tunic


Describe Sheet of Drawings with Geometric Figures and Ornaments

Villard de Honnecourt. Paris. 1220-35. Ink on vellum.
-Lodge books. Collection of drawings that provided visual instruction for apprentices.
-geometric shapes as guides for images


Describe Tree of Jesse

Chartres Cathedral. 1150-70. Stained and painted glass.
-Jesse lies at base of tree whose trunk grows out of his body
-tree literally connects Jesus with house of David
-Branches above, 4 kings of Judea, Virgin Mary, and Christ.
-7 doves, symbolizing gifts of Holy Spirit encircle Christ. 14 prophets stand in semicircles flanking tree.
-set within iron framework visible as rectilinear pattern of black lines


Colors of stained glass

Blue - heaven and fidelity
Red - Passion
White - purity
Green - fertility and springtime
Yellow - substitute for gold. presence of God.


Describe Rose of France

Chartres Cathedral. North transept. 1220.
-Lancets - Saint Anne and infant Mary have place of honor. Anne flanked by Old Testament figures.
-center. Mary enthroned with Christ Child. Radiating from them are 4 doves (Gospels), 8 angels, prophets, and Old Testament ancestors of Christ.


Describe Amiens Cathedral

France. 1220-88.
-planned by Robert de Luzarches, Thomas de Cormont, and Renaud de Cormont
-no narthex. expanded transept and sanctuary. (shortens nave)
-in choir, chapels of same size and shape enhance clarity of design


Describe Reims Cathedral

France. 1211
-sculptures and reliefs so many ugh.


Describe Sainte-Chapelle

Paris. 1243-48
It's the one that's radiating.
-built on two stories.


Describe Queen Blanche of Castile and Louis IX

Paris. 1226-34. Moralized Bible. Ink, tempera, and gold leaf on vellum.
Mother, Blanche of Castile, and young king seated on ornate thrones against gold background.
-below, scholar monk dictates and scribes works on page.
-compositional format derived from stained-glass lancets
-show relation to stained glass through use of glowing red and blues, and reflective gold surface


Describe Abraham, Sarah, and the Three Strangers

Paris. 1253-70. Ink, tempera, and gold leaf on vellum
-from Psalter of Saint Louis
-created for king's private devotions
-old testament story
-the frames are cool.


Describe Psalm 1 (Beatus Ver)

London. 1270-80. Ink, pigments, and gold on vellum
-from Windmill psalter
-story of Solomon and baby.
-visual puns


Describe Salisbury Cathedral

England. 1220-58.
dark stone. four-part rib. contrasts with lighter limestone in the rest of interior


Describe Church of Saint Elizabeth

Germany. 1235-83
-first true Gothic hall church
-nave and aisles are equal height


Describe Altneuschul

Prague, Bohemia. late 13th c.
-demonstrates adaptability of Gothic hall church for non-Christian use.
-two focal points. aron (shrine) and bimah (raised reading platform)


Describe Shrine of the Three Kings

Germany. 1205-10. Silver and gilded bronze with enamel and gemstones.
-Nicholas of Verdun and workshop
-full and naturalistic modeled figures


Describe Ekkehard and Uta

Germany. 1245-60. Stone, originally polychromed
-lifelike and individualized figures and faces
-warrior and courtly.


Describe Pulpit

1260. Marble. Nicola Pisano.
-proud of his own work.
capitals support standing figures and trefoil arches.
-panels illustrate New Testament


Describe Siena Cathedral

Siena, Italy. 1284-99
-incorporated French Style, like Gothic gables with classical columns and moldings.
-figural sculptures high up.