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Helping lenders put money to work

Helping private equity firm's put money to work

Helping real estate developers look smart

Upgrading neighborhoods and blocks that are in disrepair

Finding better uses for outdated buildings

Making America beautiful!


Looking at properties and imagining what they could be

Helping my students succeed

Helping "good guys" succeed

Applying my knowledge and relationships to solve problems.

Transforming a property to its highest and best use.

Being able to invest in deals with smart guys.


Building a team

Building an elite, special group

Tapping into multiple facets of finance – – Debt, Equity

Meeting interesting people

Hearing interesting stories

Appreciating the history of a property or neighborhood

Appreciating and promoting urban design

Using and teaching the skills I worked hard to obtain

Being a thought leader


Using my knowledge of markets across the US

Expanding my networks and building an amazing set of friends

Having flexibility on how my time is used and how it is deployed.

Traveling to interesting places

Learning about local cultures

Enjoying new stories and humor


My opinions and ideas are valued.

I connect the dots.

I can get meetings w anybody in town because I have info and perspective.


Self confidence opens doors.

Self confidence carries the day and makes victories occur more often. Seize the day.


Hearing about potential deals as people open up ro me.

Having good valuable advice, knowlwdge and skill others dont have and need.


Grateful that Andrew Weiss and Chip Weiss are opening up to me.

Grateful that Stuart Berelson is looking out for me. I want to reciprocate.


Grateful for the challenge of making a new you every day.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.


Getting a big hug from Christie as I leave for the train

Getting kisses from my sweet kids as I start my day. Gotta be the hero. Gotta be out there helping people and making it happen.


Having a wingman like David Eyzenberg who works harder and smarter than I.

Using the ground lease tool to opwn relationshipa and deals on a olaying field nonone wlae is in.