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What super natural causes were there?

Many ordinary Greeks believed gods and spirits caused illnesses


What was the "sacred disease"?



What did Hippocrates and other doctors think about cusses of disease?

They believed they had natural causes


What was the theory of the 4 humours?

Yellow bile, black bile, phlegm and blood.
These work like the 4 seasons and the 4 elements.


What was 'clinical observation' and why was it progress?

The Greeks recorded everything in detail when examining a patient which was progress from the Egyptians because other doctors could use the observations to predict what will happen to a patient and how to treat them


What happened in an Asclepion?

People thought that Asclepius and his daughters panacea and hygeia would come and heal them in their sleep e.g. Snakes would lick a blind persons eyes


Why did Asclepions sometimes help?

Because in Asclepions there was baths to wash yourself, gymnasiums and a change of water and diet could have helped.


What were the main natural treatments doctors used?

Purging, vomiting and bloodletting. This shows that's they were influenced by the Egyptians due to trade over the Mediterranean.


What are examples of how they purged, vomited and let blood?

They used a hot bath to bring up phlegm, they used herbs like hellebore to make people vomit, and bleeding cups.


What did Hippocrates book 'on behaviour' consist of?

It said his doctors had to be well trained, mannered and to be calm; as well as keeping people's illnesses a secret. They promised to keep these high-standards under the 'Hippocratic Oath'.


What was the name of the first Greek woman doctor?



What is the story of hagnodice?

She was a woman who dressed as a man so she could be a doctor, and because she was that good when she got found out she had that much support that they allowed women doctors.


What was the main priority of Hippocrates and other Greek doctors?

To prevent people from becoming ill, so they tried doing this by keeping the 4 humours balanced.


What was "a programme for health" about?

It was about how to keep the right body temperature as Hippocrates believed that people would become ill if the body became too hot or too cold.


Why didn't many people follow the doctors advise to stay clean and healthy?

Because only rich people could afford to. Only the rich Greeks would have terracotta bath tubs and simple latrines.


What was the Greek public health system like?

There was no public health system in Greek cities and there was a poor water supply.


Who was Diocles?

He was a doctor that wrote a book telling people to wash their face and eyes with water, rub their bodies with oil and rub peppermint into their teeth.


How advanced was was the Greeks when it came to surgery?

They were able to use stronger and sharper surgical instruments as they had iron and steel. They could amputate arms and legs as well as setting broken bones.


How well did they deal with wounds?

They were not able to do any internal surgery due to lack of anaesthetics however they treated wounds with wine.


Who was Herophilus?

He was one of the first people to dissect a human body in public and he discovered that the brain controlled the body.


Who was Erasistratus?

he came up with the idea that the heart is a pump.