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what does growth refer to?

- more than physical development
- refers to enduring changes in ppl's capacities (skills, talents, intelligence) and behaviour that occurs as grow older.
- develop both physically and psychologically.
- Cognitive process, emotional and moral (judging right -> wrong) development undergone simultaneously


what is cognitive?

ability to think
mental process of perception, memory and info processing by which indiv acquires info, make plan and solve problems


What is a theorist?

a person with idea and has allowed that idea to be extensively tested.
if idea seems reasonable after examined through research and scrutiny by others, then can be said to become a theory.


What are 'social' theories?

way of generalising knowledge
help understand how and why things happen in society.
reflect social and cultural context in which created at time.
Not all theories you can agree/relate to esp on adolescence


What do the social theories do?

generalise common threads of experience from collection of very specific experiences by individual.
may explain why adolescents behave and develop in certain way through results.


What do exploring various theories help with?

coming to terms with the body of public knowledge on adolescent development and enable comparisons to world of personal experience for indiv.