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What is healthy active living

Involves the integration of active Irving and healthy living into a person daily life


What is the overall benefits of healthy active living

- reduce risk of heart disease
-" " obesity
-" " osteoporosis
-" " of on insulin dependent diabetes
- improves quality of life
- help manage stress
- helps increase resistance of mental fatigue
-contributes positively to maintaining a healthy body weight
Contributes positively to physiological well being
- contributes positively to self esteem and well being


What are the four components of healthy active living

1. Physical
2. Mental
3. Social
4. Spiritual


What is physical health

Our body function working well together
Ex. Fighting off diseases, recovering from and illness


What is mental health

Positive feelings about ones self and others influences decision to deal with stress cope with changes, overcome negative feelings and positive outlook on life


What is spiritual health

Gives a piece of mind through religion, music, dance etc. Gives purpose develop support system


What is social health

Build friendships,participate within community, feel connected to people.understand ones self worth


What is nutrition

The science behind how ur body uses the components of food to grow, maintain and repair its self


What is nutrient

are chemical substances obtained from food that your body needs to supply you with oxygen


why is proper nutrient intake important ?

- provides the energy got vital functions
-it helps us feel and look our best
- it promotes proper growth and development
- it helps prevent chronic disease


what is a macronutrients

substances that compose the greatest portion if your digesting intake
ex. carbohydrates,proteins, fats, water


what is a micronutrients

substances that we only need in small amounts
ex. vitamens, minerals


what are carbohydrates

- 4 cals/gram
- main energy source in our diet, most used by our body
-comes from sugars, starches and fibres
- simple (sugars-fruits) vs complex (starches)


what is protien

4 cals/gram
- part of our body tissue (muscle skin, hair?)
- needed for growth and repair tissue
- component of hormones, enzymes and immune system
high- eggs, fish, chicken
low- legumes,nuts


what is fats

9 cals/grams
- substances that don’t dissolve in water
- used for energy storage, insulation, protection; hormone production
ex. oil, dressings


what is water

- lubricant to transport nutrients and remove waste
65% of our body made up


benifits of nutrition and gealthy living

- improved quality of life
- slow down ageing process
- improved physiological health
- consistent weight control
- improved cardiovascular health
- increased strength and muscle mass
- improved body chemistry


physical and emotional factors can influence ones eating habits...

- level of physical activity
- physical stage of development
- hunger
- food allergies
- sensitivity
- nutritional needs body image
- peer influence, family influence
- stress


what are reasons fo people eating or not eating

- comfort
- pleasure
- celebration
- body image
- peer pressure
- hunger
- growth


what are the three body types a person may inherit at birth

- ectomorph

- endomorph

- mesomorph


what is stomatotype

the structure or build of a person


what is ectomorph

- small bones
- slender with little muscle or fat
- narrow chest and shoulders
- arms and legs appear longer in proportion to torso


what is endomorph

- soft round appearance
- high % of body fat
- average to large body frame
- legs may appear short in relation to total body size


what is mesomoph

- firm well developed muscle
- average to large bones, broad shoulders
- thin waist
- powerful legs
- well proportioned limbs


what are negative effects with weight centred approach to body weight

- restrictive eating
- obsession w weight
- over exercising
- weight cycles (yo-yo diet)


benifits of vitally approach

- look better, feel better, perform better
- activity becomes part of everyday life
- help manage body weight
- achievable and enjoyable goal


what is the importance of fat

- energy to the body
- protection for essential bones and organs
- insulation for body, against heat and cold


what is excessive fat as a health issue

breathing difficulties, high blood pressure and body to be less resistant to infection
can lead to:
health disease, stroke, kidney disorders, diabetes, short life expectancy


what is body image

a inner view of your outer self built on physical characteristics and yr imagination


what is visual

what you see when yoh look at your sled


what is mental

how you think when you look at yourself


what is emotional

how you feel about your body


what is kinestetic

how you sense and control your body parts


what is historical

shaped by a life time of experiences the include pleasure, pain, praise and criticism


what is social

how you see yourself depends on how you think you are seen by others, it is always changing


what are factors that influence our body image

- impact of media
- life experiences
- friends
- family influences


read about self point theory on paper



what is a result in restricting food intake a person may experience

- increased hunger, decreased level of energy
- a preoccupation w/ food
- reduced memory and ability to concentrate
- a decreased in body temp
- mood changes


what is the energy balance equation

- maintain healthy body weight
- calorie intake -> calorie burned a day


what are calories

- unit that measures energy
- energy un food and body burns