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What type of deficiency should you suspect is a mixing study corrects an isolated prolonged clotting time?

A factor deficiency


Are a strong bleeding history and normal test results more likely to be a result of abnormalities in primary or secondary haemostasis?



If a patient has a normal APTT/PT, is a severe deficiency in secondary haemostasis likely?



If a patient has a normal platelet count, could you have an abnormality in primary haemostasis?

Yes - there could be a functional platelet abnormality


What does Willebrand's disease affect?

The body's ability to clot - time to clot is lengthened because of a deficiency in the von Willebrand factor


What could elevated INR and APTT be a result of?

A deficiency in clotting factors in both the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways


If fibrinogen looks low on the functional assay, but is slightly high in a total fibrinogen assay, what does this suggest?

Functionally abnormal fibrinogen


What would the effects of a Vit K inhibitor have on prothrombin time?

Would prolong prothrombin time, as Vit K inhibition would cause a deficiency in clotting factors 2, 7, 9 and 10


Is a disorder of secondary haemostasis likely with a normal INR and APTT + a history of bleeding?

No, it's more likely to be abnormal primary

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