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1st Voice Mail:

1st Voice Mail:

“Hey [PROSPECT], Rusty Barton calling… you recently called my office off my radio ad to get a free copy of the best-selling Wealth Beyond Wall Street Book. I believe my assistant scheduled us to speak today at (Time). It looks like you were interested in our unique strategies for growing your money by potentially double digits, protecting your wealth from market losses, and reducing your taxes.

Maybe you’ve stepped away from your phone for 5 or 10 minutes. I’ll try calling you back then.”

NOTE: Set your timer for 7 MINUTES & CALL BACK. If they aren’t there, leave Voicemail #2.


2nd Voicemail

2nd Voicemaill

"It looks like either something may've come up on your end or, gosh I feel dumb.. I wonder if maybe I messed up the time here. If I left you hanging, or sitting there because I messed up the time, I apologize, that wasn't my intention.. Give me a call back and let's reschedule."

Note: if no answer, send the email template and have your assistant follow up every 2 days


Voicemail by Staff during follow up:

VM by Staff during follow up:
"This's (Staff Name) calling from Rusty's office, it looks like something may have come up. Rusty wanted me to follow up so we don't leave you hanging.

A couple of the topics you may've ben interested in are potential double digit gains, with zero risk of loss in the market, tax deferred growth and tax free access, well, and a retirement income you can count on.

Please give us a call back and we'll get you back on Rusty's schedule.