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The benefits of this kind of networking have been hyped so much already

Hyped: Publicitado


Groups, be they the old-fashioned, meet for lunch every Wednesday types...

Be they: Ya sean ellos


Trying to find out whether your department is going to get axed in the next downsizing...

Axed: Cortado
Downsizing: Reducción de plantilla.


And who is going to told you before you go out and make an ass of yourself?

make an ass of yourself: Hacer un asno de ti mismo.


Neither did Stephen Chao

Neither did: Tampoco


In 1992, Chao was whiz kid.

Whiz kid: Niño prodigio


Chao decided to loosen up things a bit.

Loosen up: Aflojar, desentumecer.


Know thine enemy through thine network.

Thine (1): (arcaico) tus, tuyo, tuyos
Thine (2): (literatura) Ser sincero con uno mismo.

“Conoce a tu enemigo a través de tu red de contactos”


Who will tip you off if I key employee may be ready to jump ship to the competition?

Tip sb off: alertar a, advertir, notificar.


Who can you count on to help you counteract someone circulating negative gossip about you or your company?

Counteract: Contrarrestar.


Who will tell you when others are making inquiries about you?

Inquiries: Consultas, indagaciones, investigación.


In government circles, this is called “Intelligence gathering”.

Intelligence gathering: Collecting secret information.


There is always a place in the dugout for anyone who can pick off the other team’s signs

Dugout: Refugios subterráneo.
Pick off: escoger de; derribar 1 × 1.


Another tactic some business use is hiring their competitors’ disgruntled employees or schmoozing with their suppliers.

Disgruntled: Descontento, disgustado.
Schmoozing with: codearse con.


It’s always smart to have some type of pipeline, however informal, into the enemy camp.

Pipeline: 1. Fuente de información. 2. Tubería


Information from your competitors camp can come from anywhere, and it’s pure, unalloyed gold.

Unalloyed: No aliado, sin aleaciones. Inalterado. Puro, completo.


No matter how you feel about the other guys, you cold wind up doing business with them.

Wind up: Acabar, finalizar, dar cuerda.


Even the bitterest of enemies have been known to do it.

Bitterest: El más amargo, encarnizado.