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The investigation of hate/bias crime is the responsibility of the:

The divisional detective office but Intelligence Services
– Hate Crime will provide assistance and expertise to all investigations and prosecutions for these crimes.


How does Intel - Hate Crime assist TPS and the community?

- maintain an information base of hate/bias occurrences and arrests to assist divisional analysts and investigators
- provide assistance and expertise to all investigations and prosecutions for these crimes
- developing public education programs in partnership with other members of the Service and the community.
- the central focus for the dissemination of information and support to divisional hate crime investigation co–ordinators, other police services, government agencies and the community


One of the most effective ways of curtailing the incidence of graffiti is have it removed or covered over within _____.
The removal of graffiti from private property is the responsibility of the property holder. Maintenance of public property is the responsibility of the respective government agency.

twenty four (24) hours


Where initial investigation determines that an offence has been committed shall complete the applicable eReports provide the relevant eReport numbers to who?

 the divisional hate crime investigation co–ordinator
 INT – Hate Crime


Is it a hate crime if the suspect is simply biased against the victim?

NO: It is not enough to determine that the suspect was biased against the victim but rather that the motivation for the commission of the criminal act was hate or bias.


When on the scene of a possible hate/bias crime does the officer notify a supervisor?

notify a supervisory officer of the circumstances


A supervisor, upon being notified of an incident suspected to be a hate/bias crime can call what units for assistance depending on the incident?

request the attendance of investigators from the divisional detective office,
INT – Hate Crime and
Victim Services Toronto, as appropriate


The divisional detective, where there is an
identifiable target and serious potential for violence, and what kind of behaviour should they consult with the divisional detective sergeant regarding consultation with Specialized Criminal Investigations – Sex Crimes –
Behavioural Assessment Section (BAS)?

in cases involving stalking, threatening or harassing behaviour,


Officer in Charge: upon being notified of a hate/bias crime shall ensure in cases involving bodily harm or major property damage, ____ and INT – Hate Crime, are notified promptly

the unit commander