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What are common analgesics

Aspirin, codeine, ibuprofen, paracetamol


Wat will analgesics not do?

Cure the cause of the pain or boost your energy levels


Long term effects of analgesics

Internal bleeding, stomach ulcers, kidney disease


Physiological effects of drug use

Long term use may cause a dependence of the drug. People like this value the drug over other things in life. Disagreements and frustration over drug use can cause family arguments and personal relationships. Legal and health problems an also cause a strain on them financially and physically.


Polydrug use

Mixing one or more drugs together and taking them. Can be very dangerous


Polydrug use with alcohol

Drowsiness and slower reflexes


Overdose treatment

Call 000 to receive professional help


What does cannabis come from?

Hemp plants including cannabis savita and cannabis indica


What is cannabis

A depressant drug, it slows down the activity of the nervous system


Other names for cannabis

Grass, pot, hash, weed, reefer, dope, mull, ganja, joint


Main forms of cannabis

Marijuana, hashish and hash oil



Most common and least potent form of cannabis. Dried leaves and flowers of the plant. Smoked in hand rolled cigarettes or in a pipe



It's dried cannabis resin, normally in a small block. The concentration of THC is stronger in Hashish so the effects are stronger. Is added to Tabasco and smoked or is baked and eaten in hash cookies


Hash oil

Thick, oily liquid, golden brown in colour, which is extracted from cannabis. Strongest form. Spread open tip of paper and smoked.


Why is cannabis used

Fit in with peer group, look cool, try something new, use it to relax, minimise stress or to rebel.


THC effects

Absorbed into blood stream if smoked, or absorbed by stomach and intestines if eaten, blood carries THC to the brain creating the high effect.


Cannabis in medical processes

Helped to stop nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy, appetite stimulant so helps chronic weight loss, pain relief for cancer of arthritis, etc.


Imitate effects of cannabis

Slowed CNS, quiet and reflective mood, reduced coordination and balance, altered perception including sound, colour and other sensations


Long term effect of cannabis on the brain

Impaired concentration, memory and learning ability


Long term effects of cannabis on the lungs

If smoked can cause sore throat, asthma and bronchitis


Long term effect of cannabis on hormones

Affect hormone production, cannabis users have a lower sex drive, irregular men's trail cycles and lower sperm count


Long term effect of cannabis concerning mental health

Heavy and regular use may be linked to a condition known as "drug-induced psychosis" or "cannabis psychosis"


Social problems that long term cannabis use causes

Disagreements over drug use, legal problems, dangerous to drive in cannabis


Withdrawal symptoms

Cravings for the drug, loss of appetite, anxiety, sweating, upset stomach, chills, tremors, increased body temperature and restless sleeping


Cannabis use in Australia

35.4% of Aussies over 12 have had cannabis


What are STI's?

Sexually transmitted infection. An illness that is transmitted though sexual contact


What is the difference between viral STI's and bacterial?

Bacterial can be cured


How common is Chlamydia?

Most common STI among young people in Australia. It can effect both men and women.


What causes Chlamydia and how is it spread?

Bacteria causes it and it is spread through vaginal or anal sex without a condom


What are the symptoms of chlamydia?

Most people don't have symptoms but men get clear discharge from penis when urinating and women can Expirience bleeding between periods and pain when urinating or pelvic pain


What are the long term effects of Chlamydia and it's prevention and treatment?

If left untreated in women it could lead to pelvic inflammatory disease which could lead to infertility. Men can get long term infection of the testes. Always use a condom. Swab or urine test will determine if you have it and can be treated with antibiotics.


How common is Gonorrhoea?

Can affect everyone, second most common STI in Australia


How is Gonorrhoea spread and what causes it?

Bacterial infections and any sex without condom


What are the long term effects of Gonorrhoea and what is prevention and treatment?

Left untreated can cause pelvic inflammatory disease in women and infertility in both. Always use a condom and is treated with antibiotics.


How common is Genital Herpes and what causes it?

1 in 10 Australians carry the virus and is caused by herpes virus


How is herpes spread and what are it's symptoms?

Through any sex without a condom and genital skin to skin contact and some people show no sign of infection. 2 types of herpes both causes small, painful blisters. One is cold sores and the other is genital sores. Some can suffer from blisters, pain when urinating, fever, swollen glands and headaches. First blister outbreak can be worst


What are the long term effects of herpes and what is the prevention and treatment?

If left untreated cause meningitis and exposed blisters increase the risk of getting HIV. Condoms provide some protection but only to covered skin, is better to avoid open sore. No cure but medicine can be taken to help outbreaks and swab test open blister


How common is HIV and what causes it?

Cases have begun to increase, a quarter of which are heterosexually. HIV virus is the virus that causes AIDs. Seriously damages the immune system.


What does HIV and AIDS stand for?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome


How is HIV spread and what are its symptoms?

Anal or vaginal unprotected sex, from mother to baby and sharing needles. Some people have no symptoms until they develop AIDS. May experience flu like symptoms, extreme fatigue, wight loss and mouth ulcers


What are the long term effects of HIV and what is its prevention and treatment?

Left untreated HIV can lead to AIDS which has caused 6,700 deaths in Australia. Blood test can detect but may need to be taken 19 times. Antiretrovirals are the main treatment. Those infected can not give blood, organs or tissue


How common is Genital Warts/HPV and what causes it?

One of the most common. Bacterial and can affect both men and women


How is HPV/Genital Warts spread and what are the symptoms?

HPV is spread by skin-to-skin contact or sex without condom. Can be spread without visible warts. Most won't know but can be seen by genital warts. Can be flat, raised, single or multiple. Itchy but painless


What are the long term effects of HPV and what are the prevention and treatment?

Some types of HPV are known to cause cancer, commonly Cervical Cancer. Condoms only protect covered skin, women have vaccinations, no routine test but can give a diagnosis by finding history, Pap smear can help to detect it in women. Warts can clear themselves or can be frozen off.


How common is Syphilis and what causes it?

Rate of infections have increased recently. It's bacterial and can affect everyone.


How is Syphilis spread and what are its symptoms?

Sex without a condom and may be no symptoms but in early stages may develop a painless ulcer which can develop a rash across the whole body, flu like symptoms and swollen glands.


What are the long term effects of syphilis and what are the prevention and treatment?

Left intreated can have heart failure, shooting pains, dementia and wide spread ulcers. Condoms can protect but only if they cover infected area. To test for syphilis swab is taken from initial sore or a blood test. Treated with penicillin.


What are analgesics?

Painkillers are medicines that relieve pain. Most are safe to use when taken as prescribed.


What do analgesics look like?

Tablets, capsules, suppositories, soluble powers and liquids.


Effects of analgesics?

They vary from person to person. Depends on size, weight, health and if they have taken it before. There is always a risk of unwanted side effects when taking drugs.


What is the responsible analgesic use?

Temporary relief of genuine pain, they should be used strictly as directed and only used in expiry date. If pain persist see doctor


To avoid poly drug use?

Tell the doctor is you are already using a prescribed drug. Prevents side effects


Can you cope without analgesics? Examples?

Yes. Both headaches and menstrual pains can have natural methods. Drink water and lie down for headache and use a heat pack and have a massage for menstrual pains. Just becoming resilient by saying no or finding other methods is good