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What is Subjective Data?

What the patient says about themselves


What is Objective Data?

Data observed by nurse


Define Primary Prevention

People and populations are prevented from becoming ill, sick, or injured in the first place through sanitation & immunizations


Define Secondary Prevention

Early detection of disease before symptoms start


Define Tertiary Prevention

The prevention of complications when a condition or disease is present or has progressed


What is PQRSTU

Provocative/Palliative: What brings it on?
Quality/Quantity: How intense/severe?
Region/Radiation: Where is it? Does it spread?
Severity: How bad on a scale of 0-10?
Timing: When did it first occur? How long does it last?
Understand: Understand the patients perception of the problem. What do you (the patient) think it means?


What is Empathy?

Viewing the world from another person's inner frame of reference while remaining yourself.


What is a symptom?

A subjective sensation that the patient feels from the disorder.


What is a sign?

An objective abnormality that you as the examiner could detect on physical examination or in lab reports.


What is a medical diagnosis used to evaluate?

Cause of disease


What type of database is most appropriate when rapid collection of data is required and often performed concurrently with life-saving measures?

Emergency; An emergency database is rapid collection of the data often performed concurrently with life-saving measures.