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what are the 5 goals for Healthy People 2020 in older adults

1. increase the # of older adults with 1+ chronic conditions who report confidence in maintaining their conditions
2. reduce the proportion of older adults who have moderate-to-severe functional limitations
3. increase the proportion of older adults with a reduced physical or cognitive function who engage in light, moderate, or vigorous leisure-term physical activities
4. increase the proportion of older adults who receive diabetes self-management benefits
5. increase the proportion of the health care workforce with geriatric certification


This is individual for each person. The goal is optimal level of performance active and taking care of lifestyle. Having no excessive medications and are independent.

Healthy aging


Listed are all of the physiological concerns for health promotion. Name 5

1. heart disease
2. cancer
3. chronic lung disease
4. stroke
5. smoking
6. alcohol abuse
7. limitations in ability to care for self
8. nutrition
9. dental problems
10. exercise
11. falls
12. sensory impairments
13. pain
14. medication use


what are the 4 immunizations you should receive if you are 65+

1. influenza
2. pneumococcal/pneumonia
3. tetanus
4. herpes boster


Listed are activities for health promotion. Name 5

1. screening activities(BP, mammography, depression)
2. regular exercise
3. weight reduction if overweight
4. eating a low-fat, well-balanced diet
5. moderate alcohol use
6. regular dental visits
7. smoking cessation
8. stress management
9. socialization
10. good handwashing
11. regular checkups with healthcare providers
12. immunizations


what are the 2 immunizations for pneumococcal/pneumonia and how often do you get them

1. PCV 13
2. PPSV 23
*one year apart


how often should you get a tetanus immunization

every 10 years


how many doses are in the herpes boster? how many times do you get the series and after what age?

2 doses; 1 series; after 60


what are the 5 dental issues that older adults should watch out for

1. dental caries
2. gingival disease
3. xerostonia
4. oral cancer
5. dentures


what is xerostomia

dry mouth; saliva production is less


what percent of adults over 65 have lost all of their teeth



what is the 2 leading causes of tooth decay in older adults

1. periodontal disease
2. tooth decay


what is the definition of health literacy

the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information needed to make appropriate health decisions


what percent of US adults have the health literacy skills needed to manage the demands of our complex health care system



what are the 4 factors that influence health literacy

1. stress or illness
2. evaluation
3. older adults
4. education level
5. language


name 5 of the red flags for low literacy

1. frequently missed appointments
2. incomplete registration forms
3. non-compliance with medication
4. unable to name medications, explain the purpose or dosing
5. identifies pills by looking at them, not reading the label
6. ask fewer questions
7. lack of follow-through on tests or referrals


what are the 5 strategies to improve patient understanding

1. focus on what patients need to know
2. use the teach-back method to ensure understanding
3. use visuals and demonstrations
4. repeat and summarize
5. be positive, helpful and empowering


what is the AARP's definition of aging in place

simply a matter of preserving the ability for people to remain in their home or neighborhood as long as possible


what is the CDC definition of aging in place

the ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.


what are 3 life events that impede aging in place

1. hospitalization
2. confusion
3. housing concerns


name 5 barriers to aging in place

1. financial
2. illness/health condition
3. mobility/pain
4. caregiver burnout
5. lack of social support/community
6. housing
7. decline in cognition


definition of functional assessment

assessment of the ability to independently complete activities necessary to daily living


what are the 4 domains that relate functional assessment

1. physical
2. psychological
3. cognitive
4. social


what does ADL stand for and what are some examples

Activities of daily living
- eating, dressing, toileting, bathing, personal hygiene, walking, transfers


what does IADL stand for and what are some examples

Instrumental activities of daily living
- managing finances, driving/transportation, cooking, managing meds/appt., shopping, house cleaning, laundry, home/property maintenance, managing communication/telephone


what are 5 ways to create a safe home environment

1. lighting
2. temperature
3. cleanliness
4. furniture
5. bathroom hazards


every ____ minutes an older adult dies from a fall in the US



reasons why an older adult may fall (7)

1. age-related changes
2. improper use of mobility aids
3. medications
4. unsafe clothing
5. disease-related symptoms
6. environmental hazards
7. caregiver-related factors


name 5 ways to prevent falls

1. remove throw rugs
2. improve lighting
3. add grab bars and railing on stairs
4. wear appropriate footwear and socks with grips
5. change positions slowly
6. keep walker or can within reach
7. keep electrical cords short and out of the way
8. sit in chairs with arms
9. keep room clear of clutter


how many incidents with bed rails occurred between 1985 and January 1, 2009