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6 areas that comprise Naval Doctrine

Naval Command and Control, Naval Operations, Naval Warfare, Naval Logistics, Naval Intelligence, Naval Planning


7 principles of Naval Logistics

Flexibility, Economy, Attainability, Responsiveness, Simplicity, Sustainability, Survivability


First navy ship named after an enlisted man

DD 255 Osmond Ingram 28FEB1919


3 classes of naval ships at inception of navy

Ships of the line, frigates, sloops of war


Battle of Coral Sea

7-8MAY1942, world’s first carrier vs carrier battle. US carrier Lexington was sunk and Yorktown was damaged


Great White Fleet

16DEC1907, Great White Fleet left Hampton Roads, VA to demonstrate the strength of the navy


Battle of Normandy

6JUN1944, largest amphibious operation in history.


Battle of Midway

3-5JUN1942, turning point of the Pacific war. Yorktown was sunk.


Battle of Guadalcanal

13-15NOV1942, USS Juneau was torpedoed, 5 Sullivan along with 700 others were lost. Because of this, Navy policy concerning family member separations was reinstated.


Battle of Leyte Gulf

23OCT1944, the ending point of the war in the Pacific.


Mercury 3

05MAY1961: First US manned space flight; Alan B Shepard


Gemini 3

23MAR1965: First US 2 man space mission; 3 earth orbits; John W Young


Apollo 11

16-24JUL1969: First manned lunar landing; Neil A Armstrong


Apollo 17

7-9DEC1972: 7th and final lunar landing mission; Eugene A Cernan and Ronald E Evans



12-14APR1981: First orbital test flight of Space Shuttle; All navy crew; 36 orbits and landed at Edwards AFB, CA; John W Young, Robert L Crippen


On The Roof Gang

176 (150 Navy and 26 Marines) enlisted radio operators trained at a school located on the roof of the old Navy Department Building during 1928-1941. Trained to intercept and analyze foreign radio communications. Formed the vanguard of the US Naval Communications Intelligence and laid the cornerstone of Naval Cryptology. Only 6 survivors. First class held 01OCT1928.


Purple Code

1938: Japanese cipher used by the Japanese Foreign Office – they thought it was secure. Named for the color binder the US cryptanalyst kept the Japanese Foreign Office decrypts in. Germany-Tokyo communications.


Grace Hopper

RADM Hopper joined the USN in 1943, retired in 1966, recalled then retired again in 1986. Died in 1992. Conceptualized programming languages that led to COBOL, USS Hopper (DDG 70) named after her, One of the first computer programmers worked on the Havard Mark I, came up with the term “Debugging” by literally removing a bug from a computer.



Advanced Research Projects Agency Network; precursor to the global internet. Created at MIT by DARPA (Defense ARPA), first email in 1971; First FTP 1973, Al Gore was involved in the development of ARPANET


Johnny Walker

Retired CWO and communications specialist convicted of espionage. Spied for Soviets from 1968-1985 and recruited his son, Michael, and formed a spy ring. Helped Soviets decipher more than one million encrypted naval messages. AKA most damaging spy in the history of the US (arrest was a catalyst for a huge investigation within the Intel community that uncovered other spies as well). Plead guilty in late 1985; eligible for parole May 2015; Died Aug 2014.


3 levels of war

Tactical, Operational, Strategic


Bletchley Park

AKA Station X. During WW II Bletchley Park was the site of the UK’s main decryption establishment, the Government Code and Cypher School. Was an ENIGMA decipher.


Hainan Island EP-3

1APR2001; Chinese J-811 interceptor collided with an EP-3 which was forced down. Emergency destruct occurred on EP-3. EP-3 crew was detained for 10 days and Chinese had free reign of the plane and information.


USS Pueblo

Captured by North Koreans in 1968. First US Navy ship to be hi-jacked on high seas by a foreign military force in over 150 years. Emergency destruction occurred. No military action taken, no reprisals against North Korea – lack of military response made this a watershed event in our national conscience.


USS Stark

17MAY1987, Early warning failed. Attacked by Iraqi Mirage F1 fighter while outside Iraq and Iran warzones (Stark was in international waters). Stark crew assumed fighter was benign and was hit by 2 missiles. 37 sailors died.


Navajo Code Talkers

Came from Philip Johnston. Believed Navajo is an unwritten language of complexity which made it unintelligible to anyone without extensive exposure and training. No alphabet or symbols. May 1942, first 29 Navajo recruits attended boot camp. At Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA, this group created the Navajo code. They developed a dictionary and numerous words for military terms.


EC-121 shoot down

15APR1969; attacked without warning by North Korean MIG while flying it’s last mission with 31 sailors (all died). Prompted US Navy to adopt new procedures to provide reconnaissance aircraft with more protection. Replaced by EP-3.


When and why Sailor’s Creed was developed

Written by a “Blue Ribbon Recruit Training Panel” in 1993 at the direction of CNO ADM Frank Kelso.