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Who is Hermonn von Helmholtz

German Physicist, ophthalmologist and philosopher.

Early founder of psychology. Psychology started in Germany.

Explored neuro signals speed. Exploring brain signals.


Who is Ernst Weber?

German Psychologist who studied sensory stimuli.

Discovered how quick people can see a difference. The line experiment.

“The Just Noticeable different”


Weber fractions and ratios.

The important point is he was studying peoples mental perceptions. Studying the physics of the mind. Math seems to work. Willing to explore new research methods. Can have a science of the mind.


Willhelm Wundt

Who is he?

The real first person to call himself a psychologist and the father of modern Psychology.

He favoured introspection. Your consciousness. He trained people known as observers. Taught the proper way for people to look into their mind and report what was going on. Any type of sensory. They would explain what was going on in their conscious mind. Now known as structuralism. What conscious experience looks like?


Who is Charles Darwin?


Founder of Darwinism and Functionalism.

The question is not what, but why?


Who is William James?

He was interested in the function of Psychological processes.

He reflected on memory, conscious experience, will, behaviour.

He came up with accurate theoretical responses given that he didn’t do much empirical research

He was more of a Philosopher but accurate in his psychology ideas.