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Why did the population of California grow and how much?

It grew by 72% due to the


what was the ratio of people moving to find war work?

1:8 in 1945


How much was estimated that people looted from American-Japanese people's homes?



How many Black Americans joined the army?

1 million


What happened to the NAACP during WW2?

Membership soared from 50,000 in 1941 to 450,000 in 1945.


What law did the Supreme Court change in 1944 that benefited black Americans?

The Supreme Court ruled that black Americans were allowed to vote in primary elections. Of which was illegal in Texas at the time.


How much money was spent on building factory’s during the war?

US$4.5 bn


Who was fined US$100 for joy giving up here seat and what did the Supreme Court rule?

In 1944, Irene Morgan was finer $100 for not giving up here seat to a white man on a bus. The Supreme Court ruled in 1946 that segregation on public transport was illegal.


How many people joined WAVES and WAC?

200,000 women joined the Women’s Army Corp (WAC) and the navy’s Woman Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Services (WAVES)


What happened in Detroit in 1943?

For 2 days in 1943 in Detroit, Michigan, there was a race riot (Whites v Blacks) where 34 people were killed and 600 were injured.