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When was Operation Rolling Thunder Launched?



How many aircraft were destroyed?

5,000 Helicopters ($250,000 each)
3,500 other Aircraft


How much artillery was needed to kill an average of 1 Viet Cong member?
And where were these mostly dropped?

75 bombs, 400 shells, and $400,000 to kill 1 member
3/4 of US bombs were dropped on South Vietnam


How many more tonnes of artillery was dropped on Vietnam than WW2?
And how much of this was dropped per day as well as the cost?
How much is estimated to be unexploded to this day?

Approximately twice as many (1965-1971) creating 2.6ml craters
Approx 10,000 per day ar a cost of US$1ml in 1970 values
27,000 tonnes


How many tonnes of Napalm was dropped? And how many Missions used Agent Orange?
How many acres of forest/farmland was destroyed because of this?
How many litres of Agent Orange was used?

20,000 tonnes between 1965-1973
30,000 missions using Agent Orange
4 Million Acres
82 Million Litres


When was the Tet Offensive?
How many cities were attacked?

January 1968
Over 100 cities and military targets


Why was the Tet Offensive a failure

the Viet Cong lost over 10,000 experienced soldiers and they hoped for the people of S. Vietnam to rise up and join them but that never happened.


How much was the US spending on the war per year?



What was the famout quote by Walter Cronkite about the Tet?
What was concluded after the Tet?

"What the hell is going on? I thought we were winning the war?"

That the war would take much longer and would require more effort to win and was deemed unvaiable.


What began after the Tet?

In March 1968, peace talks were held in Paris