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What is the red scare?

It is the fear of Anarchism and Communism mainly in the US


What was the evidence to suggest the Red Scare was a thing?

400,000 workers in Boston went on strike, Including the police. Looting and thieves roamed the streets - Pretty much the Purge. There were also 25 race riots in other towns.


What were the strikes actually caused by?

Many things including Economic instability, Less demand in factories lead to making some workers redundant. Low pay:Long hours (Plus terrible working conditions) complaints as well.


Who was responsible for the purges?

J Edgar Hoover


What did Hoover do?

He built up 60,000 files on suspects and 10,000 were told that they were going to be deported.


What were the main causes of the Wall Street crash?

Overproduction, Speculation, Poor income distribution, Underlying problems (Eg: Agriculture Industry)


Who said on 05/09/1929 that there will be an economic crash soon. And what was it called?

"The Babson Break" said by Robert Babson


When were Sacco and Vanzetti arrested and what for?

They were arrested in 1920 for suspicion of Armed Robbery and Murder.


When were they executed?

July 1927


What were some of the problems with Sacco and Vanzetti's trial?

There was very little evidence and the main points were wither false or hatred from their political ideology.


What were the american people's view on the matter?

That S & V are innocent and the execution was met with protest