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What happened on the 1st June 1950? And who were they helped by?

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) invaded the Republic of Korea (RoK).

The DPRK was helped by the CCCP and China


How much of the Rok did DPRK forces capture?

All except for a small area around Pusan. They had even taken over the Capitol, Seoul.


How many nations agreed to provide Military/Economic/Medical Aid for the Korean war under the UN?

29 (Mainly the USA)


Who was put in charge of the Korean War?

General MacArthur


What was the UN's Intentions at Incheon --> Seoul?

To regain control of the capital and to cut off supply lines


Why did China enter the war? and when was this?

China entered the war because they felt threatened against Capitalist takeover as MacArthur was pushing too close to the Yalu River - China Previously threatened MacArthur of Chinese interference if they push too close to the Yalu River.
November 1950.


How many Chinese Troops were a part of the attack on the UN at the Yalu River?

200,000 of the People's Volunteer Army


When was the UN pushed out of Seoul?

January 1951 after being overwhelmed by the Chinese Troops


When was MacArthur fired for threats against the Chinese?

March 1951


What began in 1951? but why did it fail?

In June 1951, the initial Peace talks began but made no progress due to a dispute over the exchange of prisoners


Who was replaced in 1952?

President Eisenhower replaced Truman in 1952 and Eisenhower was more committed to the peace talks


What was signed in Panmunjom?

In Panmunjom, North/South Korea, July 1953 the Armistice to end the fighting was signed.

This notably included the following
* There would be a 2-mile de-militarised zone along
the border on each side, along the 38th Parallel
* All military forces should withdraw to their own
* Prisoner Exchange would begin


How many casualties did the UN have?

30,000. Which were mostly US soldiers


How many deaths and injuries did the US have?

How much was spent on defence?

The US had 30,000 deaths and 100,000 wounded

the US increased their spending budget from US$12bn to US$60bn - This was 14% of their GDP in 1953


How many casualties did the Chinese have?



Recall 3 losses for Korea

* 2.5 million casualties
* 1 in 10 civilians died
* 600,000 homes were destroyed
* Industry was destroyed?
* Millions of refugees
* Agriculture ruined
* Border remained along the 38th parallel
* Approx 80,000 South Koreans captured
* only 9,000 were returned


What were the gains for the UN?

* Gained respect for taking action
* Used a combined force to prevent aggression.
* Achieved joint action - showed effectiveness


What were the gains for the US?

* Saved S. Korea from Communism
* Containemnt policy was seen to work in Asia
* Guaranteed long-term security for Taiwan


What was formed by the US to stop communism in the far east?

In 1954, the US formes SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organisation) - This was formed to stop communism spreading in the far east.