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where was the peace treaty with germany signed and when

west of paris versailles 1919


Who were the 3 main delegates of the Treaty and what did they want the Treaty to contain?

president wilson (united states) george clemenseau (french premier) and lloyd george (prime minister of Britain
- aimed to punish germany and limit expansions


What were the terms which Germany agreed to? (treaty of versailles)

lost land
reduced people in the army
no air force or submarines
accept blame for starting the war
territory was taken


How did the German people react to the Treaty?

protesting outbreak and they loathed the treaty


Describe the conditions in Germany after the war.

had to face big political changes
president had to face threat
had to pay for damage to France


To pay the French and the strikers, what did the German government do? What effect did this have on people’s life savings?

printed more money
germans worked for the french
the money wasn't worth much due to inflation


Was Hitler’s first attempt to seize control in 1923 successful? What happened to Hitler?

he tried to overthrow the government but failed and went to jail


what four things led to ww2

treaty of versailles
the great depression
the policy of appeasement
the rise of the nazi party


how did the great depression help hitler to come to power

stock market colapsed
germany suffered hyperinflation
the bank printed more money but it wasn’t worth much
hitler promised to help the economy


one for and against argument for the policy of appeasement

for - avert another war with germany and create a barrier against the spread of communism from russia
against - hitler made false promises german invaded poland and britain and france declared war with germany
- lead to ww2 in 1939-1945



meant to stop another war from happening


the rise of the nazi party

- promised to help the economy
- avoid ww1 reparations
- 30 jan 1933 hindenburg appointed hitler as chancellor
- he then died in 1934 and hitler became president


what types of pope voted for hitler during the great depression

people who lost money
middle and lower class


what happened to the german parliament in feb 1933

where they held parliament was burnt down and communists were blamed


which countries where threats to the peace of europe

germany, italy and russia


what to say if it is a usefulness question

- how useful is it
- explain what is useful using examples
- explain how it isn’t useful
- suggest how it could be more useful