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What is behaviorism?

-variety of definitions, three main meanings
1. Methodological behaviorism: methods, psychology should on,yuse METHODS which involve recording observable behaviors.
Rules out introspection
By this definition every bodies a behaviorist, nobodies using introspection. There was no intrispection cognitive or neuroscientice.
This isn't what most people mean by behaviorism most people define begaviorism by...
2. Explanatory behaviorism: EXPLAIN findings without talking about mental things. No thoughts, emotions, feelings or desires. Yes we gave minds but you can't use it to explain things, most people believe this!
Cant use introspection cause you can't talk about mind


A. Philosophy of behaviorism

1. Descartes: "I think therefor I am"explained things in terms of mechanical things. Don't need to bring in thinking to explain what most people do.
2. Associationism and Empiricism: review in past notes!
3. Positivism: far away from positive psychology. An approach to science not allowed to use any words that refer to things you can't observe. Can't talk about anybody's mind.


1. Descartes:

"I think therefor I am"explained things in terms of mechanical things. Don't need to bring in thinking to explain what most people do.


B. Scientific Background

When behaviorism started, psych had been around awhile. Behaviorism sprouted from psychology, functionalism specifically. Functionalists studied animals. Habits were a topic of discussion at this time too.
Force of habit doesn't involve thinking
A lot of what you do doesn't involve thinking
Behaviorism went the last step. They tried to cut thinking out of the picture.
You never need to use thinking to explain what you do.



He wasn't a behaviorist, not quite.
Cats in puzzle box
law of effect and exercise: reinforcement increases the behavior that is Winifred
Still talked about mind: the animal "likes" it
More often you do something the stronger the learning



Technically he wasn't a behaviorist because there was no behaviorism because it didn't exist then
Classical conditioning of dogs digestive system
Dislike for mentalistic explanations: no where did it talk about the feelings or thoughts of the dog. No thought involved



A lot believe he should be credited not Pavlov because he studied classical conditioning movements
Simple reflexes
Eye blink, knee jerk
Can you rally use simple parts to explain larger things
Got to bring it to complicated movements but so far all we have our simple reflexes and drooling of dogs, and explain them without thinking.....



Classical conditioning in humans
It should be him who's credited!
He dud something important but faded away
Still he was focusing on knee jerks and such
Still stuck with the idea that we need to expland to complicated things



Tropisms: complicated reflex
Roaches going for dark spot when light is turned on
It is a reflex! Doesn't think about it.



Did research to try to prove that instincts do not exist
Raised kittens with newborn mice
Some were raised with cat mother
Cats enough,d have to learn to attack mice from their mother but what if it was an instinct.
Even some of the cats raised with mice attacked mice.