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What's the first device that would record and replay sound?



Who invented the phonograph and when?

Thomas Edison, 1877


How did the phonograph function?

By inscribing and retrieving audio info on a sheet of heavy tin foil wrapped around a cardboard cylinder.


Who invented the graphophone and when?

Alexander Graham Bell, 1880


What's a graphophone?

A device that retained Edison's cylinder but used wax instead of tin foil as the recording medium. Both were marketed in the late 1800s - often as office dictation machines or as coin-operated record players stationed in public arcades.


What's the first turntable as we know it?

The gramophone


Who invented the gramophone and when?

Emile Berliner, 1895


What's a gramophone?

The first turntable as we know it, utilizing a flat disc instead of a cylinder. Unlike Edison's cylinders, gramophone records - made first from hard rubber, then from shellac, and later from vinyl - could easily be mass produced. As a result, the gramophone dominated the consumer market, with companies such as the Victor Talking Machine Company marketing "Victrolas" to the public


Who invented the phonautograph and when?

Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville, 1857


What's a phonautograph?

The first device that could record actual souns as they passed through the air (but could not play them back)