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What agreements were made in the Teheran conference (1943)?

Britain and the USA to open up a second front to help defeat Hitler by invading France in May 1944.
USSR help to defeat japan and
set up united nations


what agreements were made in the Yalta conference (1945)?

hunt down and punish Nazi war criminals
divide Germany and Berlin into zones
take reparations from their zones, half of which would go to the USSR
USSR to help defeat japan
countries in eastern Europe to be independent and hold free democratic elections
USSR have land from Poland and Poland to be given land from Germany to compensate


what agreements were made in the Potsdam conference (1945)?

Ban the nazi party
divide germany into zones and re establish democracy
truman boasts about new A bomb


What were the six methods the USSR went through to take over Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czelchoslovakia, Bulgaria?

1)red army troops occupy the countries
2)communists come to power but in a coalition government
3)communists took over police and armed forces
4)communists get rid of anyone who doesn't support them
5)rigged and won the elections then banned the other parties


What were cominforms aims?

To ensure soviet controlover newly commnist eastern european countries and co ordinates the actions of commnist parties in europe.


When and Why was cominform set up?

Was set up in 1947 In reaction to the Truman doctrine


What was comecons aims?

To offer financial support to the countries in Eastern Europe.


When and Why was comecon set up?

Was set up in 1949 in reaction to the marshall plan


What did the Truman doctrine say?

Countries around the world are not getting a choice between communism and capitalism. Capitalism is an ideology which gives people freedom and democracy. Whereas communism is forcibly imposed and an oppression of person freedoms. !!!!America should support people who do not want to be communist primarily through economic stability and process, not through war!!!!


What was the marshall plan?

Loans from the USA to European countries for economic regeneration


When was the Berlin Blockade?

Began on the 24th June 1948 and finished in May 1949


What was stalin hoping to achieve with the Berlin Blockade?

He hoped to the allies would back down and have the whole of Berlin
Wanted to stop important supplies entering


What did the western powers do during the Berlin blockade?

Supplied 2.25 million people by air
Did 600 flights per day
Had 8 airfields in western zones of germany
aircrafts landed and took off every 90 seconds
Evacuated sick children to be treated


When was the Federal Republic of Germany and German Democratic Republic created?



What was the Nato agreement?

Western Countries agreed to defend eachother against the threat of the USSR in order to prevent soviet expansion


When did the ussr announce it had tested its first atomic bomb?



In 1952, what did the USA test?

The H-Bomb


When was the Warsaw Pact formed?



What was the warsaw pact?

The argreement with eastern countries that they would support eachother if attacked. This gave the USSR overall control over all the armies. In response to NATO


When and why did the arms race begin?

Began after 1949 when the USSR tested its first atomic bomb.


How many people died in the Hungarian crisis?

3000hungarians and 7-8000russians


What were the disagreements at the Tehran conference?

Stalin annoyed it took a long time to open the "second front" as he thought they wanted hitler to do maximum damage to the ussr

Stalin wanted Poland to protect the ussr from future invasions but Britain had gone to war to protect polands independence


What were the disagreements at Yalta?

Reparations. Stalin wanted more than Roosevelt and Churchill

Stalin wanted more land from Poland to be given to the USSR but the others were worried he wanted to control it


What were the disagreements at Potsdam?

Stalin wanted large compensation (a weak Germany couldn't threaten the USSR) Truman wanted Germany to recover =protection against communism and the treaty of Versailles

Stalin set up communist government in Poland (breaking Yalta agreements) and Truman wanted democratic elections in Eastern Europe (stalins sphere of influence)


When was the Truman doctrine?



When was the Marshall plan?



How much money was provided to Europe over 4 years as a result of the Marshall plan

$17 billion


How much Marshall aid went to Britain?

$3.1 billion