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how did Henry win the crown?

he challenged Richard III to a battle on the 22nd august 1485 - known as the battle of Bosworth or the war of the roses. - he killed Richard and usurped the throne.


why was Henry considered to be illegitimate?

his claim to the throne comes from his mother Margaret Beaufort, who was only made legitimate in the 14th century - and was also a women and in medieval times this was considered as a weak claim.


why did Henry's claim start off weak?

he usurped the throne, therefore he is vulnerable to having his crown usurped and suffering from rebellions from disgruntled Yorkists.


how was his entitlement to the throne undermined by Yorkist rivals?

Yorkists such as John De la Pole had a stronger claim to the throne than he did, he was the nephew of Richard III.


What act did Henry cancel that was passed by Richard III?

Titulus Regius - which made the marriage of Elizabeth Woodville and Edward VI's invalid, therefore making the their children illegitimate.


why did Henry cancel the act passed by Richard?

as he intended to marry the daughter Elizabeth of York, and needed her claim to be strong to improve his claim - he also wanted to end the feud between Yorkists and Lancastrians.


when did Henry date his coming to the throne?

the day before the battle of Bosworth 21st August 1485 in order to make Richard the usurper and the men who fought for Richard committing treason.


what did Henry do that could be considered as propaganda?

he re-designed a Tudor rose which was a combination of the red Yorkist rose and the white Lancastrian rose. - this was aimed to end the feud between the two sides and symbolise peace.


what oath ceremony ocured months after Henry's reign began?

the Coronation oath - which was a ceremony where it was considered the King was appointed by God.


what policy to Henry adopt in order to maintain control and support?

carrot and stick policy - other wise known as reward and


what rewards did Henry give out?

Henry was nervous of the gentry becoming too powerful and other throwing him - therefore he didnt give out too many titles and land. he did however give out some to loyal supporters in order to maintain support.


examples of supporters that Henry rewarded?

Jasper Tudor - Henry's uncle was titled the Duke of
Bedford in thanks for his lifetime support. - 1485

Thomas Stanley Henry's step father was made Earl of derby.


how did Henry deal with the men who supported Richard /

seized their lands and this was justified by Henry being sworn in by the coronation oath.
he did not execute many of the survivors of the battle of Bosworth - John de la pole swore loyalty to Henry and secured a position on the royal council.


what act was passed in order to make the crown more financially powerful and reduce power of rival nobles?

the Act of Resumption 1486 - this allowed Henry to reclaim any crown lands that had been given away by other monarchy's.


why did Henry not have to give away estates to family members?

because he didn't have many.