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Where does the CHP get its authority for jurisdiction over those matters related to the security of state officers, property, and occupants of state property.

14615(b) of the California Government Code


What authorizes the CHP to provide for
the physical security of any current or former constitutional officer of the state and
any current or former legislator of the state.

2400(h) of the California Vehicle Code


True or False - The mission of the Safety Services Program (SSP) is to provide for
the protection of life and property through the delivery of law enforcement services
to state government.



Allied law enforcement agencies may
provide law enforcement services on state-owned or state-leased properties, provided a written MOU has been established and is in effect. ___________are required to justify the need for the MOU to Division.

Area commanders

Note: in effect no longer than 5 years


The _________ shall be prepared for all reported crimes and criminally caused property damage occurring on state-owned or state-leased property.

STD 99

Note: Retained for two years


Whenever CHP personnel respond to a crime or when criminally caused property damage has occurred, the STD. 99 shall be prepared for entry into the _______________________.

State Crimes Automated Reporting System (SCARS).


If a law enforcement agency other than the
CHP responds, the STD. 99 shall be completed by the _________________
and forwarded to the local CHP Area office within ten days of the date of the incident.

reporting state facility representative


The STD. 99 is or is not required for lost, stolen, or damaged property that was lost, stolen, or damaged at a location not owned or leased by the state.

Is not


A contractor dies from electrocution on state property. Who should be notified to investigate?

Also for any serious injury requiring in excess of 24 hours of hospitalization.



Area commanders are directly accountable to the Division commander for establishing and managing the Area’s SSIP. Area
commanders shall assign a _________to coordinate the Area’s SSIP.



SSP Investigation Categories.

Priority 1: _____________
Priority 2: _____________
Priority 3: _____________

Priority 1: requires immediate action

Priority 2: crimes/incidents which require followup; however, no immediate investigation is required.

Priority 3: crimes/incidents that do not have any leads and are reported solely for statistical purposes.


Who can approve a request from a state agency for the CHP to conduct a site vulnerability assessment?

Protective Services Division – must be in writing from the requesting state agency


A _______ must be obtained to stage an event or activity at any state building and grounds within CHP jurisdiction.


Note: A permit will be issued within ten working days of receipt of a complete and proper application, providing all of the following criteria are met. Must be submitted no later than 10 days from event


A permit is or is not required for the distribution of leaflets, pamphlets, etc., of a non-commercial nature in or on state property.

Is Not


Within ___ working days of the notification of denial, cancellation or revocation, the applicant or permittee may apply in writing to the Department for a review of the reasons for the denial or cancellation. The proceedings for review shall be held within _____ working days by the Commissioner or his designee.




Can alcoholic beverage be sold or consumed during permitted events on state property?

Yes – If obtained a license from ABC

Note: If the applicant is providing alcoholic beverages to be served, but not sold, no approval licenses are required and an amended permit is adequate


Searches, as a condition of entry to public buildings, are allowed under the Administrative Search Exception to the constitutional protection against warrantless searches. Administrative searches may be conducted when there is probable cause for concern of _________.

public safety


A person who refuses an Administrative Search is probable cause for an officer to conduct a search. True or False

False – but shall not be admitted

Note: Admin. Searches shall be posted


Hand-held metal detectors should be used to further protect the public and public buildings from the threat of violence. A hand-held metal detector may be used only after receiving approval from the _______.

Area commander.


Can a citizen with a valid CCW enter a state courthouse (and state buildings) open to the public with a firearm?

Yes - Any person lawfully possessing a weapon is not subject to arrest, nor will his or her access be restricted pursuant to Section 171b PC provided they are not a party to an action pending before the court.

Note: However, California Rules of Court, Section 7, allows the court to prohibit it if enacted.


A DOJ stop coded with an “A” indicates the person associated with the vehicle may be ___________and ______________.

W = _____________.

F = ______________.

Armed and Dangerous


Used in the commission of a Felony


The CHP has enacted a ___________ workplace violence policy.



True or False: Violence in the Workplace defined: an individual knowingly and willfully inflicts or threatens to inflict, without legitimate purpose, serious harm, injury or death upon other persons, or damage to property, at the place of work.



All employees, including supervisors, are required to attend training on the subject of Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention on an _______ basis.


Note: Employees shall report workplace violence. A CHP 109, Report of Crime/Incident on State Property Missing Lost Property shall be completed any time an act or threat of workplace violence is reported.


If an investigator takes a report for workplace violence at a state facility, they shall send a copy of the report to ___________ for inclusion in the Workplace Violence Database.

Protective Services Division


Pursuant to 76 PC (felony), any employee who becomes aware of a crime, inappropriate contact or threat to a state public official shall immediately report it to ___________.

TAU – Threat Assessment Unit

Note: 76 PC also covers immediate family