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A GO is created when a manual is not feasible. GO's SHALL not exceed ___ numbered pages, including annexes and appendices.

20, if over 20, it is converted to a manual.


Management Memorandums are good for up to ____ from their effective dates.

6 months.


Policy or procedures of continuing duration contained in Comm-net messages SHALL be placed in the appropriate publication within ___ days of the date of the message.

30 days


Policy or direction contained in minutes (conference, occ safety, committees...etc.) will expire 6 months after the date of the meeting. They must be placed in a permanent publication manual after ___ to remain in effect.

6 months.


Department policy is established or changed by ______.

The commissioner.


in order for dept. policy or direction to go into permanent effect, it has to be _____.

published in a recognized publication (HPM, GO or MM).


Publications shall be reviewed by the OPI every ____ to assure they are current and to recommend changes if necessary.

6 months


Comm-net messages contains policies or procedures and expires ____ days from the date of the message.

90 calendar


who is the approving authority for publications which announce new or amended policies??

the commissioner


release of confidential information to the public could subsequently mean the information is now public record and no longer privileged. violation of such disclosures could be grounds for disciplinary action, including __________.



T/F Only for litigation purposes shall the confidential versions of policy be released.

False, only the sanitized versions shall be released.


can publications with exempted material be released with allied agencies?

yes, only when used for internal purposes such as education, coordination, and developing parallel/consistent enforcement policies.