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Methods of contraception work by preventing _________________________ while others
prevent the ____________________ from implanting in the uterus.

Ovulation, zygote


The only contraceptive that prevents partners from contracting STD’s are
_____________________________________. They work by covering the _________________.

Condoms, penis


The _______________________________ is a chemical method of contraception that contains
___________________________________________ that prevent ______________________. Woman need
to take ____________________ at the same time every day in order for it to prevent

Birth control pill, female hormones, ovulation, one pill


An ___________ is something inserted into the ___________________ by a doctor or nurse.
This method prevents the zygote from implanting in the ___________________. This
method is recommended for woman who already have __________________________
because it can cause _____________________ in people who have never been pregnant

IUD, uterus, uterus, children, infections


The ____________________________________________ contains two hormones that prevent
_____________________________. A new patch must be applied every _____________________.
The ___________________________ is inserted into a woman’s vagina and fits over the
cervix in order to prevent ______________________________ from reaching the ovum. It can
stay in a woman’s vagina for ________ hours and then it can be _______________________
and _______________ again.

Birth control patch, ovulation, week, spermatozoa, 24, cleaned, used


A ___________________________ is a chemical substance that works best when used
together with a diaphragm or condom. It is a chemical that is put onto the condom
after it is in place or placed inside the female’s vagina after the diaphragm is in
place. It works by killing ________________________.

Spermicide, spermatozoa


Female _________________________ prevent fertilization when they are inserted into the
vagina to prevent spermatozoa from reaching the uterus.



The contraceptive ________________________________ is a female hormone that prevents ovulation. Women need to be given ____________ needle every _______ months by a healthcare professional.

Injection, 1, 3


A ______________________________ is a surgical procedure for men that involves cutting the
________________________________ of each _______________________ to prevent
_______________________________ from reaching the urethra. Men who undergo this
procedure can still ejaculate but the semen does not contain ______________________________________. This process is usually _______________________________.

Vasectomy, vas deference, testicle, spermatozoa, spermatozoa, irreversible


________________________________________ is a surgical procedure for women that consists
of tying the __________________________________ to prevent fertilization but not
_____________________________. The ova produced are prevented from following their
natural path in the fallopian tubes and therefore the ________________________________
cannot find them. This process is usually ________________________________.

Tubal ligation, Fallopian tubes, ovulation, spermatozoa, irreversible


The _______________________________ method of birth control is one of the least effective
methods to use to prevent pregnancy. _________________ is formed on the cervix before
ovulation. Women watch for the presence of cervical mucus so they know when
_________________________________ is occurring. Once the woman knows this, she would
use back-up methods of birth control __________ days before and after ovulation since
spermatozoa can survive for several days in the uterus or fallopian tubes.

Billings, cervical mucus, ovulation, 5


The _________________________________________________ is another natural method which
uses a woman’s _____________________________________ to indicate when she is ovulating. A
woman’s temperature will _____________________________ by _____________ degree celcius
when ovulation begins. Once she knows when she is ovulating the woman would
know to use a back-up method of birth control __________ days before and after
ovulation since spermatozoa can survive for several days in the uterus or Fallopian tubes.

Basal body temperature method, body temperature, increase, 1, 5


STD’s can be very ___________________________ because they are easily and quickly
__________________________ between people during intercourse. They can be especially
dangerous to women who are ____________________. If left untreated STD’s can cause
damage to the ____________________ or ______________________ systems as well as cause
________________________ in men and women (prevent them from having any children).
If a person is infected with an STD it can take a long time for them to begin
experiencing any ___________________. In order to prevent yourself from getting an STD
a person should either abstain from sex or use a ___________________ during

Contagious, spread, pregnant, nervous, cardiovascular, infertility, symptoms, condoms


________________ is a deadly STD. It attacks the _____________________ system which means
a person can no longer fight off bacteria and viruses. This virus is transmitted
through a person’s _________________ or from fluids that come from the _______________ or
_____________________. A person can carry the disease for _______________________ years
before experiencing symptoms. There is no cure and the prevention is

AIDS, immune, blood, penis, vagina, several, condoms


________________________________ is a virus that attacks the liver. It is transmitted by
_________________________, ___________________________ or _________________________. This is the
only STD that can be prevented by a _______________________. It can also be prevented by
using _________________________.

Hepatitis B, blood, saliva, bodily fluids, vaccine, condom


__________________________________ and ______________________________ have the same
symptoms which are: abnormal vaginal discharge, a burning sensation while
urinating, painful intercourse, yellowish discharge from the penis and painful or
swollen testicles. These STD’s can be treated by __________________________and
prevented by ____________________.

Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, antibiotics, condoms


_________________________________________ are small blisters that appear and eventually
burst and develop into painful __________________. A ______________________ sensation is
felt around the genital area. To treat this disease the infected areas have to be kept
___________________ and _________________. Since this disease is caused by a virus,
symptoms disappear and reappear throughout life. To avoid this disease proper
_____________________ and _____________________ should be used.

Genital herpes, alsers, tingling, clean, dry, hygiene, condoms


________________________ is a bacterial infection with three stages. It begins with
painless _____________________ appearing on the genitals 9-90 days after infection. The
second stage lasts ________ weeks to ___________ months. In this stage __________
symptoms can appear as well as disappearing and reappearing _____________. Years
later the final stage can occur if it is left untreated. Problems that would occur would
be cardiac problems, ________________, damage to the __________________ system and
eventually _________________. It can also cause ___________________ in women. This disease
can be prevented with _____________________ and the treatment is ________________________.

Syphilis, sores, 6, 6, flue, rashes, blindness, nervous, death, sterility, condoms, antibiotics