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in the aftermath of [ɑ:ftərmɑ:θ, æftərmæθ] 1

massacre [mæsəkər]1

More than 300 college presidents, including several from the Washington region, have signed a letter urging Congress to enact new gun controls in the aftermath of December’s elementary school massacre in Connecticut.
*~의 여파로
[NOUN] The aftermath of an important event, especially a harmful one, is the situation that results from it.
[NOUN] A massacre is the killing of a large number of people at the same time in a violent and cruel way.


fevered [fi:vərd] 1

For many years now, our nation’s leaders have engaged in fevered debates on higher education, yet lawmakers shy away from taking action on one issue that prevents thousands of young people from living lives of promise, let alone realizing their college dreams.
[ADJ] [usu ADJ n] [WRITTEN] Fevered is used to describe feelings of great excitement, and the activities that result from them.


ammunition[æmjʊnɪʃən] 1 3

gun show

Among the goals in the letter: a ban on semiautomatic assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines; consumer-safety standards for guns, such as safety locks; and a requirement for background checks for those who buy firearms from unlicensed sellers at gun shows.
[NOUN] Ammunition is bullets and rockets that are made to be fired from guns. 탄약,(언쟁에서 무기가 될 수 있는) 정보
*In the United States, a gun show is an event where promoters generally rent large public venues and then rent tables for display areas for dealers of guns and related items, and charge admission for buyers.


as from…/as of…

As of late last week, no public university leaders in Virginia had signed.