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Prof Lennard on Iago

Inspired by the vice-stock characters of medieval morality plays - pure evil


Coleridge on Iago

Motiveless malignity


Nicholas Hyther (director) take on Iago

Emphasises the military comradeship. Iago has a cockney accent but it becomes less strong when talking to Othello. Iago drinks and smokes. Hyther also uses semiotics in that Iago where's dark clothes.


Leavis' view on Iago

Iago is "not much more than a necessary piece of dramatic mechanism".
He possesses a "fiendish intellectual superiority"


Auden on Iago

1. Likes to play god
2. He desires self-destruction
3. He is devoid of ordinary worldly sense - his existence is dependent on those he deceives
4. He is alienated from nature and from society.
5. Joker in the pack


Honnigman on Iago

1. "The plays chief humorist"
2. "Devoid of ordinary worldly common sense"
3. "he has neither felt nor understood the spiritual impulses that bind ordinary humans together: loyalty, friendship, respect, compassion. in a word Love."


Contextual character construction

1. Clever Greek slave e.g. Plautis
2. Vice figure from medieval morality plays
3. The Devil figure from early english drama (sometimes a comic figure)


Freudian interpretation of Iago

Iago is subconsciously in love with Othello (disgust with Sex)


Ben Okri on Iago

represents those who cannot accept the other.


Booth was an actor who played Iago. What did he say?

"you must be seen to be what all the characters think and say you are, not what the audience knows you to be"
"lithe and sinuous as a snake"


Bethell on Iago

Othello and Iago "exemplify and participate in the age-old warfare of good and evil"


Suzmann's 1987 production of the Othello. Presentation of Iago?

Vulgar, crotch-clutching, obsession with sexuality, wipes hand after touching Othello.


How was Iago refereed to in Cinthio's Heacothomithi

"the Ensign"


Northrop Frye on Iago

Iago dominates the action of the play to the point where he becomes "a tragic counterpart to the black king"


In what ways might Machiavelli's "the prince" (1513) have influenced the character of Iago

opportunist, political liar, cruel, poor perception in UK


Bradley on Iago

"burning hatred and burning tears"


Dr Johnson on Iago

"from the first scene to the last hated and despised"