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When will an ICE caution message change to an ICE advisory message?

When the wing and cowl anti-ice is selected on and the wing is sufficiently heated.


An ANTI-ICE DUCT warning message means there’s a bleed air leak detected in the:

Fuselage or wing anti-ice duct


When the FFOD ICE DETECTOR TEST is performed as described in the SOPM, what type of EICAS indication will you receive during the test?

An ICE advisory or caution message.


If a WING OVHT message were to occur in flight the QRH instructs to select the WING ANTI-ICE switch to STBY. With STBY selected how will anti-ice valves be positioned?

Wing anti-ice valves will cycle fully open/closed to maintain a lower than NORM temperature.


How are the anti-ice valves positioned with the WING ANTI-ICE switch in the NORM position?

The wing anti-ice valves modulate to maintain the desired temperature.


During the FFOD ICE PROTECTION TEST in the taxi check; if the L/R COWL A/I or the L/R WING A/I caution messages remain what action should be taken?

None, there is no requirement to wait until the caution messages extinguish during this check.


ATIS reports an OAT of 4C and visible moisture is NOT present in any form. Is there a need for anti-ice systems to be on during taxi and/or takeoff? What if there is a report of few cloud at 200 feet?

Scenario 1: After second engine start WING A/I on for final taxi, check WING A/I ON advisory message, then wings off.
Scenario 2: Wings and Cowls on prior to takeoff.


How is a cowl anti-ice overpressure indication presented?

An overpressure relief valve located on the engine cowling will be extended and noticed during a walkaround.


With the wing anti-ice system ON the N2 gauges will:

Turn amber from 0 to 78%


With the WSHLD heat set to HIGH the side windows will be heated on:



How does the system detect bleed leaks in the fuselage and wing area in order to alert us to duct leaks?

- Single loop protection in the fuselage and wing
- 21 spot sensors on the backside of the leading edge of the wing


How is a “Wing Overheat” condition detected?

5 temperature sensors located in the wing root, detect an overheat situation


When weight off wheels, all probes and sensors receive full power regardless of switch position.



Both wings can be anti-iced with one engine.



Both cowls can be anti-iced with one engine.



What Anti-ice items are powered electrically?

- Windshield
- Pitot probes
- AOA vanes
- TAT sensor


On the ANTI-ICE synoptic page the wings and cowl CMD valves show actual valve position.

False (show only commanded position/switch position)


What conditions must be met for a BLEED MISCONFIG caution message?

Have both the 10th and 14th stage bleeds supplying air (A/I on during Bleeds Open TO)


Describe what happens with a “BLEED AIR DUCT” aural.

- Get a L(R) 10th (14th) DUCT warning message, telling us that:
- If in 14th, leak will be between the SOV and Wing Valve
- If in 10th, leak will be between the SOV, assoc. PACK, and ISOL


Describe what happens with a “ANTI ICE DUCT” aural.

- Get an ANTI-ICE DUCT warning message, telling us that:
- Anywhere downstream of WING valve, there’s a leak in fuselage or wing duct


Describe the ice detector heating cycle.

60 second intervals: heated for 5 seconds, then no heat for 55 seconds.


While climbing at an assigned airspeed of 220kts you encounter light drizzle, the TAT indicates 10˚C, what action if any will you take?

Select both cowls ON and wing NORM


What is the meaning of the ICE caution message?

Ice detected and the wings and cowl anti ice are off


What is required for an “ICE” caution message to become an advisory message?

Both wing and cowl anti-ice on with adequate pressure and temperature


In icing conditions you get a WING OVHT and the page in the QRH for the procedure is missing, what would be the most logical course of action?

Try the wing anti-ice in the STBY position


What anti-ice services would you lose if your R 14th SOV failed?

None, the bleed valve fails open.


After a left engine failure, how could you anti-ice the left wing?

Open the 14th STAGE ISOL to heat both wings


How does the airplane prioritize 14th stage bleed air for reverse thrust during landing with wing and cowl anti-ice on?

Anti-ice valves will close to ensure priority is given for reverse thrust


When will an “ICE” message extinguish?

When ice is no longer detected on the ice detector


What does CMD on the ANTI-ICE synoptic page mean?

Commanded valve position


What would generate an ANTI-ICE DUCT warning message?

A bleed leak in either wing or fuselage ducting


With wing anti-ice on, thrust settings inside the amber arcs on the N2 gauges is cautioning you of what?

Possibility of inadequate pressure for wing anti-ice