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If the Bible was true, what a different world we would live in.

The Bible gives us insane beliefs that ordinary people have this POWER OF THOUGHT to manipulate the universe into giving us unfathomable power just by asking Jesus for anything possible.

Like having a magic lamp, we are told anything and everything is possible, no questions asked. Simply ask and believe and you will have done.

No exclusions. Even the impossible will be done for any human.

The Bible promises this not once or twice but 12 times!

Matthew 17:20 move mountains
Matthew 21:21 move mountains again
Matthew 19:26 all things are possible
Mark 10:27 all things are possible
Mark 11:23 move mountains again
Jeremiah 32:27 there is nothing too hard for me
Jeremiah 32:17 nothing too hard for God
Genesis 18:14 nothing is too hard for God
Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ
John 1:13 without God, nothing is made
Colossians 1:16 God can do all things visible and invisible
Luke 1:37 with God, nothing shall be impossible


How many people really believe this is true?

Now, how many people believe this is crazy nonsense that nobody would believe?

Well, people are betting their lives on it and their entire future for eons after they are dead. Indeed, many people spend their precious years preparing for a future that simply does not exist!

So let’s play along with these unbelievable Bible claims. Let’s make a list of things that WILL HAPPEN with this astonishing power with no limits and no expiration.

1. I will change world temperature to be 70 degrees and sunny everyday.
2. It will rain every other night between 3 to 4 am no matter where in the world I live.
3. I will have unlimited money, more houses and cars that I could possibly use.
4. I want all my direct ancestors brought back to life at age 28.
5. I want a special island to hold all these ancestors so I can visit whenever I desire.
6. I love coral reefs. I want to breathe underwater and build underwater mansions among the great coral reefs in the sea.
7. I don’t want to grow old. Keep everyone in my family at age 28 forever.
8. Beam me a billion miles into space and fix a planet with gorgeous gardens and waterfalls. Make gravity and atmosphere just like Earth so I can feel at home.
9. Stop the COVID pandemic right now and bring back all of those who died from COVID, the Black Death, and all the wars.
10. Fix it so I can time travel and have endless vacations throughout history.
11. There wouldn’t be any hospitals or emergency rooms because even if the victim dies they can be risen from the dead with perfect health. The Bible tells me so.
12. Cemeteries would be emptied and never needed again because God can do anything. The Bible tells me so.
13. Give every family free groceries for life.
14. Give everyone great jobs so nobody is poor anymore.
15. No more traffic jams because God can just beam us wherever we need to go.


Now do you believe any of that is going to happen?

Well the Bible says it will happen over and over, but you don’t believe that, do you?

Well then, if you think none of these wishes will ever happen, then why would you BELIEVE you are going to live, AFTER YOU DIE, in paradise with giant gates of pearl, streets of gold and everyone lives forever in a fabulous mansion?

That’s what I’m talking about!

Now the whole nine yards sounds like superstitious nonsense.

Yeah, it sounds very much like the 9/11 hijackers who really believed they were going to enter paradise the instant the jet crashed into the tower. Plus, besides pearly gates and streets of gold they each got 19 beautiful virgins to play with forever in their mansions.

So, how did we get to here?


We got to here because of cultural inheritance. We were tattooed from the cradle for belief in a supernatural God.

Most people stay in the religion in which they were raised. All your family, aunts, uncles, and cousins believe in the same religion.

This is total mind control, brainwashing. I Googled “is religion mind control” and the number one result came up “Religion is organized ignorance”.

Psychologists call it “Confirmation bias”.

As a newborn, you don’t stand a chance to be an unbeliever.
On Sundays, I was escorted to Sunday school, then I sat through ninety minutes of fire and brimstone preaching. Then we went home for the afternoon but Sunday night we were right back in church again.

Then on Wednesday we were back in church yet again getting more fire and brimstone.

I didn’t stand a chance to study other options.

No escapes were given. You die then it’s heaven or hell forever and ever, amen.

Never had the option to study if any of this forced theology was true. No early church history was ever taught. You believe everything in the Bible or go to hell forever. It’s like a police state only the police are your parents. All friends and relatives are believers in the same boat. So until you are an adult, you never get an opportunity to question if theology is the real thing.



Most people do not realize how many Gods and saviors there are in the world. People tend to dismiss other religions thinking that THEIR religion is the only true religion. And that THEIR God is the only real God.

This is called “The Feuerbach Principle”. This psychological principle is named after the 19th century philosopher, Ludwig Von Feuerbach.

Ludwig maintained that religions were geographical. Many of the different geographical civilizations have their specific CUTURAL INHERITANCE. Everyone is brought up in the religion of their families and relatives.

Worldwide this equates to millions of Gods, thousands of saviors, many, many thousands of religions which are further divided into thousands of denominations.

This is growing as time passes onward. Back in the timeline of Jesus, saviors were a dime a dozen. All kinds of saviors. All kinds of religions.

Don’t forget that the world was mostly polytheistic. People had Gods for everything. Gods for good fishing, hunting, sailing, battles of war Gods etc.

Most Americans would think that when Jesus appeared, everyone would flock to his side. This didn’t happen. Christianity was a tiny obscure religion with a dismal following for centuries. It only became popular in the 4th century when Constantine was fed up with all the hundreds of Gods in his Roman Empire.



Constantine decreed that Christianity would be the approved Religion of Rome.

This didn’t mean Christianity was the only religion, but only that it would replace the hundreds of Gods that Rome had.

How did he do this?

He merged all the popular attributes of hundreds of Gods into Christianity, therefore making Jesus the major God. Rome merged all the major miracles, many of the major quotations of every God before Jesus and bestowed everything to Jesus!

So all popular miracles, all popular quotations, all popular events from the beginning of time were merged into Jesus and the religion of Christianity.

This means that from the 4th century forward, the character of Jesus inherited a massive amount of quotations and miracles! And the 4th century was only the beginning. For over 1300 years after the 4th century kings, popes, clergy and countless others edited the scriptures to a point where the New Testament grew by two thirds. This happened in the Middle Ages with no copyright laws and powerful kings competing with one another as to which king had the best Testament version in their Bible!



The Bible we have today is chock full of exaggerated miracles, events and quotations that never happened in the days of Jesus.

How do we know? There is a complete section on Bible miracles and quotations that happened in ancient mythical religions that are recorded in history occurring way before the timeline written in the Bible.

This is a result of “SYNCRETISM”. Syncretism is a common practice that was going on far back into the days of pre-history. In pre-history it was a world of cities, villages and nations being overrun and conquered. Think Vikings.

Like stated before, each culture had it’s Gods, saviors and religions. Having the conquering army force you to stop your religion and start worship of their religion, caused great problems. So to fix this problem, the conquered people’s Gods and saviors were merged with the invading arm’s Gods and saviors. So the miracles, quotations and attributes were commonly merged into a new God or Savior that everyone would be comfortable.

There were all kinds of merges and syncretism’s throughout history. It became completely normal to have dozens of Gods and saviors. Most of the world was polytheistic anyway.

So everything worked fairly smoothly until the Jewish people were conquered. The Jewish people insisted to remain monotheistic, and therefore became a major problem for centuries because the Jewish people were conquered an amazing 15 times!

This was a big problem for Rome. Their solution was to write the gospels!


What? The gospels were written by the Romans?

Most people don’t know that the New Testament was not an eyewitness testimony at all.

First of all, there were hundreds of gospels, but the early Catholic Church burned the ones which they didn’t agree with during the Dark Ages.

The gospels were all written in the third person. Any eyewitness account would be written in the first person.

Jesus and the disciples all spoke Aramaic and none of them went to school learning to read and write. This is a big problem because the gospels and New Testament are written in Koine Greek! A language no disciples could speak, read or write. The illiteracy rate in Jesus’s lifetime was over 99%!

Another problem is the dates the gospels were written. The disciples were all dead before any of the gospels were written. Life expectancy at that time was about 30 years. First gospel was Mark written about 60CE. Matthew and Luke 70CE. John 95CE. John written three generations after birth of Jesus.

Still another problem, gospels were not named until the meetings of Nicene. This was 400 years after Jesus was born. Nobody knows how the names Mark, Matthew, Luke and John became gospel names but they were not names of disciples of Jesus.

Note: in timeframe of Jesus, nobody had surnames. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were common names. Thousands of people had names like those.

Ref: Creating Christ: How Roman Emperors created Christianity by James S. Valiant and Warren Fahy

Why did the salvation plan keep changing?
Let me count the ways for our salvation. This is bizzare because God’s salvation plan changes with each gospel that comes out!

(How can this be since God Almighty is omnipotent? If God is all knowing, why did his salvation plan totally change with every Gospel. This proves the gospels were from man and not an omnipotent super God.)

Here they are in Biblical order:

To Matthew, salvation is keeping Jewish law.
To Mark, salvation is death of Jesus paid the price.
To Luke, salvation is forgiveness that comes from repentance.
To John, salvation is faith that Jesus is the "I am" God of Moses, and that you must be born again (accept Jesus as God and become a new creature.)
To Paul, who was written before the gospels, salvation is faith Jesus died and was resurrected. In Paul's early life, he believed in the apocalyptic version of salvation, Christ has his kingdom here on earth after the apocalypse. [After his vision, he says you are saved believing in the resurrection of Christ.] So Paul persecutes Christians until his vision, then he stops persecuting and preaches free salvation believing in the death and resurrection of Christ. This is not the gospel Christ, but a heavenly Christ that died and was resurrected in the heavens, not on earth! Paul knew nothing of the gospels because they had not yet been written.

Reference: "Jesus Interrupted" by Bart D. Ehrman. Bart Ehrman is considered by Bible scholars to be one of the highest authorities on the New Testament.



People cling to any up and coming Gods for their religions.

Here are a few popular examples that seem absolutely silly, yet people cling to their death believing in them. These are in no particular order.

England: The Jedi Gods. Believe it or not, when Star Wars came out the Jedi Gods were the third largest religion in England.

Cargo cult, South Pacific. The God and savior, John Rhum. What happen is the armed forces of the United States gathered volunteer natives of a South Pacific island to work on another nearby island building an airport for Air Force planes to land supplies and refuel.

These natives were primitive and in constant bewilderment on the modern planes, cars and trucks stationed on this other island.

During and after the construction project was completed, the primitive natives started worshiping the things of wonder on the construction island. I mean if you never saw a truck, car or airplane fly, you would also think this is supernatural magic.

So after the construction was done, the primitive island natives created an entire religion out of it, including a savior named John Ruhm. (Research hasn’t a clue who John Ruhm was. He wasn’t on any personnel records for these islands.

This happened in WWII. Yet to this day the natives still cling to the savior John Ruhm, with great multitudes of religious followers.

Then built their own airport out of vines, aluminum foil and whatever they could get their hands on. And to this day they are looking for their savior, John Ruhm to return and bestow the tribes with prosperity of the army men they saw in WW2!

Each year they have a holiday parade on John Ruhm day.

The American Indians had their “Ghost dance” religion back in the days of the Wild West. They would hold a very special event called the Ghost dance where they would wear their very special Ghost Dance shirts. They wore these Ghost dance shirts into battle against the American Calvary with the BELIEF that Army bullets would not hurt them at all. And, as a side benefit, the white man would all go away and the Buffaloes would all come back. Then things would be just like they were before the white man ever showed up.

How did it work? They got cut to pieces like a lawn mower cutting grass.

Sitting Bull got killed in a non-related ghost dance incident .
The Ghost Dance did not last long.



The Jamaicans have a religion (Rastafarian) where all the white man will go away and all the former slaves brought to their island will return to their land of birth. Then the Black men will rule the earth.

Malcom X was the leader of “State of Islam”
Their beliefs are: