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If a patient has an old incision, is it best to make a subsequent incision next to or through the old incision?

Through the old incision, or excise the old incision, because it has scar tissue that limits the amount of collaterals that would be needed to heal an incision placed next to it


What is used to incise the epidermis?

Scalpel blade


What is used to incise the dermis?

Scalpel or electrocautery


What is a Kocher incision?

Right subcostal incision for open cholecystectomy


What is a midline laparotomy?

Incision down the middle of abdomen along and through the linea alba


What is a McBurney's incision?

Small, oblique right lower quadrant incision for an appendectomy through McBurney's point (one third from the anterior superior iliac spine to the umbilicus)


What is a Rocky-Davis incision?

Like a McBurney's incision except transverse (straight across)


What is a Pfannenstiel incision?

Low transverse abdominal incision with retraction of the rectus muscles laterally; most often used for gynecologic procedures


What is a kidney transplant incision?

Lower quadrant; kidney placed extraperitoneally


What is a liver transplant incision?

Chevron or Mercedes-Benz incision to the upper abdomen


What is a median sternotomy?

Midline sternotomy incision for heart procedures.
Less painful than a lateral thoracotomy.


What is a thoracotomy incision?

Usually through the 4th or 5th intercostal space.
May be anterior or posterior lateral incisions.
Very painful, but many are performed with muscle sparing (muscle retraction and not muscle transection).


What is a CEA incision?

Carotid EndArterectomy:
Incision down anterior border of the SCM muscle to expose the carotid


What is a laparoscopic cholecystectomy incision?

Four trocar incisions