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These souls never liked (Inferno) (Dante) (Canto three, line 64-69)

Those souls who had never liked went naked and were strong again, again by horseflies and by wasps that circled them. The insects streaked their faces with their blood which, mingled with their tears, fell at their feet, where it was gathered up by sickening worms.


What happens to Dante in Canto five

He faints


The adulterous couple (Inferno) (God's perfect justice) (Canto five, line 31-38)

The hellish winds blow free, sweeping the spirits headlong through the air...The souls condemned to bear these punishments, I learned are the carnal sinners, of lust so strong that they let it master reason and good sense.


Suicide forest (Inferno) (God's perfect justice) (Canto thirteen, line 93-101)

"When the ferocious soul is finished with the flesh from which it rooted itself out...It falls into the forest, blown about where future flings it...The Harpies, feasting on its foliage then, both give it pain..."


Hung upside down (Inferno) (God's perfect justice) (Canto nineteen, line 22-26)

Protruding from each hole there was a set of feet, with legs up to the calves in view...The soles of their feet were burning, and their legs flew so hard in convulsive thrashing...


Heads back to front (Inferno) (God's perfect justice) (Canto twenty, line 13-15)

Each head was turned to the rear, and thus contorted they all were walking backward, bit by bit, for their power to look before them had be thwarted.


Ciacco (Inferno) (Storytelling) (Canto seven, line 88-89)

"But when you see the sweet world again, I pray that you bring me to men's memory once more."


Virgil says (Inferno) (Storytelling) (Canto eight, line 49-51)

"How many who think themselves great kings these days will lie like pigs in the muck here, and they will eave behind names of horrible dispraise."


Brunetto Latini (Inferno) (Storytelling) (Canto sixteen, line 118-120)

"People are coming with whom I must not be. But let my Treasure, where I still live on - I ask no more live in your memory."


Virgil to Dante (Inferno) (Canto twelve, line 46-48)

"But look to the valley. All who interfere with others by violence, doing them injury, are boiled in the river of blood that is coming near."


The intent of every malice (Inferno) (Virgil) (Canto eleven, line 22-24)

The intent of every malice that heaven allows abhors in an injustice, and the result of it is to do another harm, by fraud or force.


Shouts at the sinners (Inferno) (Virgil) (Canto two, line 67-69)

"Go now and, with the words of your high art and the skill to rescue him from this distress, assist him and bring solace to my heart."


Lucifer (Inferno)

No one says anything to Lucifer