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Categories of International crime

-crimes against the international community: recognised by by majority of countries and are ratified by treaties
-Transnational crimes: Involve breaking the law in more than one country - cocaine musicians


Domestic Measures of dealing with IC (8)

-Rome Statute has been signed and ratified
-International criminal court act 2002 (cwlth) has been passed
-Chapter 8 of the commonwealth criminal code makes all crimes in the Rome Statute offences in Australia
-AFP deals with transnational crimes
-Commonwealth Attorneys General Department: reports and provides advice on legislation relating to IC
-Australian Crime commission: combats serious and organised crime by investigating matters of national concern
-Customs: responsible for security and integrity of borders
- Australian High Tech crime centre: fights crimes involving technology


International measures dealing with IC

-Extradition: extradition act 1988 (cwlth)
-INTERPOL: organises all the cops to combat and deter crime e.g. drugs, terrorism, trafficking
-Convention against organised crime: fights transnational organised crime (henna tattoo)
-Pacific Transnational Crime Network: Transnational crime units in the pacific focussed on combatting cross-border crimes by providing assistance to pacific countries


3 protocols in the covenant on organised crime

1. Protocol to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in humans
2. Protocol against smuggling of migrants
3. Protocol against illicit manufacturing of and trafficking of firearms


International criminal court

Established by the Rome Statute 1998
Permanent criminal court dealing with individuals who perpetrate international crimes


Limitations of dealing with international crime

-State sovereignty
-ICC does not have universal jurisdiction (sudan guy)
-Extradition must be in both countries and crime must be punishable under both laws