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Internetwork, or short internet,

, to link separate networks
No protocols for connecting different networking technologies
Common internetwork protocol, differences are hidden
TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol



Communication rules between two (or more) parties
Designed to solve particular internetworking problems including:
ensuring reliable transmission
routing the communication through a complex maze of computers or switches
controlling the flow of data where one communicating entity is going too fast for the other


TCP/IP has three layers

IP layer:
Responsible for getting each packet of data to its destination based on its Internet Address
TCP layer
ensures that the communication is reliable
Socket layer
where internet clients (later) send information using different protocols


Packets are sent the following way

Router receives packet
If destination machine connected to this router
Deliver directly to the machine
If destination machine not connected to this router
Send it to another router


The World Wide Web

Invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989
A simple mechanism for sharing documents across the Internet
Key ingredients
HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Web server (program)
Web browser
HTML (Hypertext markup language)


What is a URL

Universal Resource Locator
Client protocol
Host (machine name)
Path to resource
Filename of resource


DNS (Domain Name System) maintains :

maintains list of all mappings between host names and IP addresses world wide


World Wide Web Consortium

Public organisation to create standards for the World Wide Web
Directed by Tim Berners-Lee



Client on user machine (eg Outlook)
Mail located on user machine
Mail accessed through ISP



Accessed through Web browser (eg IE)
Mail located on webmail provider site
Mail accessed from anywhere



Unwanted emails typically advertising something you don't want
Unwanted pop-up browser windows
Use anti-spam settings in email
Configure browser to block pop-ups


What is a Web Cache

Recently accessed files
Kept for future re-use
Stored in:
RAM (while browser is running)
Hard disk (between browser use


What is a Cookie

Text information stored on your machine
Created by a visited site