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The determination of whether or not the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) / Peer Support Volunteer (PSV) is immediately contacted will be dependent on the assessment by whom?

the officer in charge in consultation with the Toronto Police Operations Centre (TPOC).


Supervisors, officers in charge and unit commanders MUST ensure what is completed for all members involved in an event?



What factors impact an assessment?

 nature of the event
 member’s Service experience
 member’s life experience
 member’s involvement in previous traumatic critical incidents
 member’s behaviour


Upon becoming aware that another member has been involved in a traumatic critical incident or is showing
signs and symptoms of critical incident stress shall:

 immediately notify a supervisor
 refrain from making any diagnosis


What is the wording for the TPS765 for these situations?

The wording for the TPS 765 under the section “Nature and Area of Injury(ies)” shall be: “Traumatic Critical Incident”.


The OIC upon becoming aware of a traumatic critical incident taking place AND when it is determined in consultation with the TPOC that the CIRT/PSV is
required to attend, who shall the OIC then notify?

the UC


The OIC, when a member is involved in a traumatic critical incident and the CIRT/PSV is NOT immediately consulted shall ensure the member is

 advised that immediate support from the Service’s EFAP provider is available
 provided a copy of the Critical Incident Stress Handout
 made aware of all the services available to them


Officer in Charge – Toronto Police Operations Centre: Upon becoming aware of a traumatic critical incident taking place shall respond to the unit’s request in consultation with the unit commander or the officer in charge of the involved unit. If assessment of the incident has determined that the CIRT must be activated, the TPOC shall:

immediately notify
 the on–call CIRT/PSV using the on-call roster at the TPOC
 the EFAP Liaison/CIRT Coordinator, during business hours
 the Duty Senior Officer – TPOC
 an on–call member of the Senior Officers Organization and/or Toronto Police Association,
whichever is appropriate


In the Guidelines for the Support and Assistance of Affected Members for Use by Unit Commanders and
Critical Incident Response Team/Peer Support Volunteers. What are the areas to be considered?

REVIEW this section pages 187/8

 scheduling of the mandatory defusing and debriefing sessions for involved members
 personal safety issues
 communication between family and the Service
 transportation of immediate and extended family
 spouse’s needs
 child care
 financial needs
 home maintenance
 pet care
 assistance from the Senior Officers Organization and Toronto Police Association