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What assumption does social evolutionism make?

That societies pass through the same series of stages but at their own speed


What three methods might be incorporated into social evolutionism?

Surveys, letters and deduction


Name two key proponents of social evolutionism

Edward Burnett Tylor and Lewis Henry Morgan


What are two things social evolutionism suggests beginning with P?

Suggests progress and primitivism


What are two criticisms of social evolution

Ethnocentric and unilinear


What is the key assumption of diffusionism?

That societies change as a product of cultural borrowing


Name a key proponent of diffusionism



What is the criticism of Diffusionism?

It over emphasises a good idea


What kind of methods do functionalism and structural functionalism share?

Synchronic participant observation


What is functionalism?

A combination of methods and approaches that emphasised understanding of a society synchronically and holistically. It views society as a biological organism with each thing serving a function that related to, and therefore able to bring about change to, something else. It suggests that everything has a function and is therefore indispensable.


What is structuralism?

The idea that underlying structures underpin day to day life, from the way we categorise and pair things to human binaries and bricolage.


What is structural functionalism and how does that differ from functionalism?

Rests on the idea that cultural elements function for the well being of society, rather than for the individual which is what functionalism argues. Malinowski argued that culture's function was for the individual, this was functionalism. Radcliffe brown argued that society is a whole organism, with something serving a function for the whole of society.