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A high score in this intelligence suggests that you like the outdoors and that you might like studying animals and natural systems. This intelligence suggests that you are good at noticing subtle differences, and that you are skilled in identifying patterns in the natural world.

naturalist intelligence


IT jobs for naturalist intelligence

computer programmer
database designer
database development
website design
web content creation


Strength in this intelligence suggests that you are skilled in the performance, composition, and appreciation of music. You might like expressing yourself through music.

musical intelligence


IT jobs for musical intelligence

Digital media
Computer programming


Strength in this intelligence suggests that you are good at math and good at analyzing problems logically. If you love solving logical problems, developing your own theories about what's wrong, experimenting with different solutions, and developing original answers to problems.

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence


IT jobs for logical/mathematical intelligence

Database design
computer programming
enterprise systems analysis and integration
network design and administration
technical support


If you scored high in this area, then you are probably interested in the big questions about humanity and our place in the world. You might be concerned about the role of people in organizations and how your organization's systems work. You may be referred to as a "systems thinker" because you tend to view large tasks from a perspective of how things work together and contribute to the overall whole.

Existentialist intelligence


IT jobs for existentialist intelligence

Enterprise Systems Analysis and Integration
Network design and administration


Strength in this intelligence suggests that you have a good capacity to understand how other people work and what they want. Understanding motivations and intentions helps you to work effectively with people. If you scored high in this intelligence, you will probably be glad to know that the world of IT requires a lot of collaboration and working with people.

Interpersonal intelligence


IT jobs for interpersonal intelligence

Technical support
Database design
computer programming
technical writing
web design
network administration


Strength in this intelligence suggests that you may work well with your hands developing products or tools. You may be particularly good at dance, acting, or athletics.

Bodily/kinesthetic intelligence


IT jobs for bodily/kinesthetic intelligence

computer programming
digital media
technical support
network design and administration


You are sensitive to spoken and written language, and have good ability to learn and use language to accomplish your goals. A high score in this area implies an ability to express ideas in a logically structured sequence. The higher you score, the more likely it may be that you are able to represent information abstractly.

Verbal/linguistic intelligence


IT jobs for verbal/linguistic intelligence

computer programming
database design
technical writing


Strength in this intelligence suggests that you are in touch with your inner world of emotions and thoughts. You strive to understand yourself and how to apply your talents to every situation. This kind of intelligence is adaptable to all job situations because understanding yourself will always help you to make better decisions about what careers you want to do or are willing to do. It implies that you are a good decision maker.

intrapersonal intelligence


IT jobs for intrapersonal intelligence

enterprise systems analysis and integration


Your strength in this intelligence suggests that you often think in pictures. You imagines concepts graphically or picture them in your mind's eye. You're probably good at creating and manipulating images, and you like organizing spatial elements and other objects on a page.

visual/spatial intelligence


IT jobs for spatial/visual intelligence

web development
digital media