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Fin-de-siecle Fears

Growing fears about the following:
-threats of disease
-moral degeneration


Victorian Values

-Society outwardly displayed values of sexual restraint, low tolerance of crime and religious morality
-Strict social code of conduct


Darwinism and Evolution

-Theory haunted Victorian society
-Idea that humans evolved from apes and amphibians
-Worry that humans could degenerate into these species



-Lombroso believed that criminals have specific characteristics
-These included: an asymmetrical face, long arms and a sloping forehead


Victorian London and Urban Terror

-Population grew rapidly in the 19th century
-London became the most influential city in the world
-Caused a growth in poverty and crime


Gothic Genre

-Characterised by suspense, supernatural events and strange locations
-Jekyll + Hyde included other features such as pathetic fallacy and the motif of secrets


Robert Louis Stevenson's Upbringing

-Born and raised in Edinburgh
-Edinburgh was split into two areas: wealthy New Town and the more sinister area. He spent time in his youth on both sides


Stevenson's beliefs

He was agnostic: he believed that nothing could proven about God's existence. This goes again Victorian values in British society


Deacon Brodie

-A respectable member of Edinburgh's society
-He led a secret double life as a burglar, womaniser and gambler.
-He was hanged in 1788 for his crimes


Freud's Theory of the Human Psyche

-The idea that all humans had an Id (evil), Superego (good) and Ego (balance between good and evil)
-Could be said that Hyde is the Id and Jekyll is the Ego