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What's important about the transverse humeral ligament (of the glenohumeral joint)

Spans greater and lesser tubercles of humerus to hold the tendon of the long head of biceps brachii m. in place


What does the glenohumeral ligament connect?

Supraglenoid tubercle to lesser tubercle of humerus


What is the glenoid labrum (of the glenohumeral joint) and what's its function?

Fibrocartilaginous ligament surrounding the glenoid cavity that deepens the socket


What is the function of the bursae?

Allow greater ease of movement (mm. slide back and forth)


What type of joint is the acromioclavicular (AC) joint?
What are 3 important parts of it?

-Synovial planar joint
-Joint capsule; AC ligament; caracoclavicular ligaments


What type of joint is the glenohumeral joint?

Multiaxial, synovial, ball-and-socket joint


The coracohumeral ligament is part of what joint?

Glenohumeral joint


What is "frozen shoulder"?

Tightening of the shoulder ligaments leads to difficult abducting shoulder greater than 90 degrees. Tx: PT, but resolves itself after about 2 years.


What type of joint is the humero-ulnar joint?

Uniaxial, synovial, hinge joint


What type of joint is the proximal radio-ulnar joint?

Uniaxial, synovial, pivot joint


What where is the annular ligament and what is its function?

-Surrounds radial head and radial notch of ulna.
-Keeps head of radius in notch; permits pronation and supination (recall: radius flips while ulna is in place)


What type of joint is the interosseous membrane?

Fibrous joint (syndesmosis)


What type of joint is the distal radio-ulnar joint?

Uniaxial, synovial joint


Describe the radio-carpal joint.

Biaxial, synovial, ellipsoid


What sits on the distal end of the ulna and why?

An articular disc--covers ulna so ulna itself doesn't articular w/wrist bone (only radius articulates w/wrist, only ulna w/humerus)


What are the articulations of the ulnar collateral ligament?

Medial epicondyle to coronoid process (it's a triangular ligament w/distinct bands)


What are the articulations of the radial collateral ligament?

Lateral epicondyle to radial notch of ulna and annular ligament (posterior stability; weak)


What type of joint are intercarpal joints and what movements do they permit?

Synovial plane joints, permit minor sliding/gliding (bones are joined by various ligaments)


What type of joint are carpometacarpal joints?

Plane, synovial (except thumb) that allow gliding


What type of joint is the trapeziometacarpal joint (TMC) and what movements does it allow?

Biaxial saddle joint, allowing flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, and opposition of thumb


What type of joint are metacarpophalangeal joints?

Biaxial, condyloid synovial joints


What type of joints are interphalangeal joints and what movements do they allow?

Uniaxial synovial joints, allow flexion and extension only