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When and where was Jonathan Swift born?

30 November 1667, Dublin


How was his home situation?

  • His father died before he was born
  • Mum had no income
  • He went to live with his uncle when he was 3


To which college did he went to?

Trinity College in Dublin


What happened (in terms of politics) in Ireland at that time?

Ireland was very troubled at that time with James 2nd (catholic) there trying to win back the British crown from William of Orange (protestant). There was also a war going on between Britain and France. 


What was Swift's response to the war?

All the fighting in Ireland meant that Swift went to England where he became a secretary to a diplomat.


Which occupation did Swift have in 1770?


In 1710 Swift moved to London where he became the editor of and a contributor to the Examiner (a newspaper) and author of a pamphlet


In what year did Swift wrote Gulliver's Travels?



What is remarkable about Gulliver's Travels?

Swift drew a lot of parallels with the policital situation of England


Who is the main character of Gulliver's Travels?

Lemuel Gulliver, a surgeon


What is an epic parody?

  • An epic parody is an imitation of a writer, artist, subject, or genre in such a way to make fun or comment on the original work
  • Often exaggerated
  • An epic parody mostly describes events that happen over a long period and involve a lot of action and difficulty
  • It is usually centered upon a hero in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style



What exactly is Swift satirising in his novel Gulliver's Travels?

  1. People writhing poetic stories about their travelling experience
  2. The political system of Brittain
  3. Science


What is 'A modest Proposal' about?

It is a satirical book which features a proposal saying that, in order to get rid of the economic crisis, which was happening at that time, the poor people in Ireland should sell their children as food to the richer ones


What type of work is "A Modest Proposal"?

a satirical essay