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Noahic Covenant

covenant between God and all Humanity, it states to be fruitful and multiply. That plants and animals would be under human control, it forbids eating meat with blood in it, it forbids murder. It states that Violence will be repaid with Violence and lastly that the Earth will not be destroyed by the flood.
We can see the Rainbow as a sign of the covenant.


Abrahamic Covenant

covenant that states that out of Abraham a great nation will be made. Institutes the practice of circumcision, gives the descendants of Abraham the promise land.
Abraham is the father of many nations and the middle east.



Son of Abraham, through Isaac the lineage of Judaism and Christianity can be traced.



Son of Abraham, through Ishmael the lineage of Islam can be traced.


Jacobic Covenant

Promises Jacob and his descendants the promise land, and numerous offspring to fill the land. States that humanity will be blessed through him and his descendants forever, and that the lord will watch over him wherever he goes.


Mosaic covenant

Reminds Israelites that they are the chosen people, gives them the ten commandments to have a law to go by. The covenant is between God and Moses on Mt. Sinai. The sabbath day is seen as the sign of the covenant. God promises to make Israel a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation.


Davidic Covenant

States that the Kings of Judah and the Messiah will come form the house of David.


Where does the word Islam derive from ?

Derived from the Arabic Word Salaam, which means peace and also surrender, implying surrendering to God.



Hagar is the Mother of Ishmael, she is the only one in all of Hebrew scripture to name God. Gen. 16: 13 :She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me"


Ishamel's Departure

Ishmael son of Abraham would then go to Arabia and his descendants would become Muslim.


What does Muhammad mean ?

Muhammad means Highly Praised.


Who is the last of all the prophets ?



Muhammad's birth and marriage ?

Muhammad was born 570 CE into the Koreish tribe of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. He married Khadija a business owner 15 years older than him, and had a happy and great marriage.


Muhammads change

Had a habit of going to the caves to pray in solitude to Allah.


What does allah mean ?

Allah means the one and only God.


Muhammad encounter

The Angel Gabriel comes to Muhammad and asks him to proclaim the truth of Allah, that he was not just another God but the one and only God.


Angel Gabriel

Known as the Knight of Power


What does Islam Challenge ?

Islam challenges the Idolatry and supernaturalism, it pushes its people to look past the idolatry and seek the reality through the one true God.


How was Muhammad's message received ?

Muhammad's message was received with hostile reactions, The people could not tolerate the unrelenting monotheism and the moral perspectives called for an end to vicious behavior and its social perspectrives challenged an unjust social order.


Muhammad's escape

The meccan nobility were against him, he had to leave in secret from Mecca to Medina, since they wanted to capture him. His trip from Mecca to Medina is known as the Hijra/Hegira, and it occured on September 24, 622


People of Medina

In Medina the people of Yathrib loved Muhammad and wanted to hear his teachings. He became an administrator and people loved and obeyed him.


Muhammads Return To Mecca

Muhammad returned to mecca after 8 years, he rededicated the Kabahha to Allah. The city finally believed in him and began to follow his teachings. he then died two years later in Medina.


Muhammad's Death

Muhammad died in Medina to years after his return.


Koran / Qur'an ( Recitation )

It was compiled over 23 years. Considers the teachings of Judaism and Christianity but is considered by Muslims to be the final revelation of Gods will. The Qur'an is mostly Doctrinal and implicitly historical.


What does the Koran reveal ?

It reveals the truth about God and demonstrates Gods will for the Lord- Servant relationship.


Theological Concepts

God, Creation, human self, day of judgement. Monotheism is Islam's greatest contribution to Religion as a whole. God is perfect and omniscient. Establishes that Good and evil matter and choices have consequences. It affirms the goodness of the material world, gives basis for Islamic advancement in the sciences. States that humans are to be grateful and surrender to Allah.



there is no god but god and muhammad is his prophet.



prayer is about orienting ones will toward God, required prayer five times daily. No official Sabbath but Friday noon prayer ( Jumu'ah ) is required for all muslim men.






is fasting known as Ramadan.Brings Self discipline frailty, dependence



Pilgrimage to Mecca expected for all Muslims to do. If they are economically and physically able.


Islams Social Teachings

Brought equality, ended primogeniture, instituted that daughters will receive inheritance as well. Also brought racial equality between all Muslims.


Status of women ?

Very high, people think that women are thought less of because of Polygamy.


What is the importance of the Hijab ?

Hijab is the dress that Muslim women can choose to wear. The modesty of the dress is meant to challenge the overly sexualized culture that objectifies women.


What does Jihad mean ?

Jihad literally means "Struggle in the way of the Lord", it is not a call to violence or a call to a holy war but instead a statement of the reality that is trying to be people of good in the world we live in.



The sunni take up 75-90% of all muslims they are Orthodox and from the caliphate of Abu Bakr ( the father in law of Muhammad through Aisha)



The Shi'a trake up 10-20% of the muslim population and are usually political religious leaders.


Divisions of Islam

The Sunni and shi'a disagree over the versions of the Hadith.