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According to Kouzes & Posner, what is the first thing that a leader must do to foster collaboration in teams?

learn how to trust employees


True or False: Leadership is a solo act

False; it's a team effort


Leaders can't gain the respect of their team with instilling a ___________________ within their employees and allowing them the freedom to come up with their own conclusions

sense of confidence


Winning strategies are based on the ______________ philosophy

"we not I"


Inorder to foster collaboration within a team leaders must be skilled in what two essential skills?

creating a climate of trust and facilitating relationships


What element, according to Kouzes & Posner, is the most fundamental in building a winning team?



The more______people feel, the better they_______

trusted; innovate


Interdependence can be defined as:

a condition in which everyone knows that they cannot succeed unless everyone else succeeds


Mutual dependence is:

a community of people in which each knows that they need others to be successful


What is an effective way for leaders to help people overcome short-term setbacks?

Reframe the incident as a learning experience that will help the team with more difficult challenges in the future