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__________ is the single best predictor of whether two people will talk to one another



Be sure to treat employees as ___________ and not as functional workers

human beings


If others know that you genuinely care about them, they're more likely to care about you.  This is how you ____________________

bridge cultural divides


Groups of friends completed, on average, more than __________ times as many projects as groups composed merely of acquaintances. 



An _____________ is a physical demonstration of a willingness to let others in.

open door


In terms of decision-making assignments, groups of friends were over ____ % more effective than groups of acquaintances were.



People love to do what they are recognized for, and they won't come to work with enthusiasm if they expect to be ___________________

criticized, punished, or ignored


Rewards are most effective when they're highly _______ and given in close ________ to the appropriate behavior.

specific; proximity


One of the most important results of being __________ as a leader is that you can personally observe people doing things right and then reward them either on the spot or at the next public gathering.

out and about


While its true that money may get people to do the job, it doesn't _____________.

get them to do a good job


Relying on an organizations formal reward system typically does a ________ of linking rewards to performance.  This is due to extended _____________.

poor job; lag time between action and recognition is too great.


A powerful but inexpensive two-word reward:

thank you


Recent studies show that work teams in which the ratio of positive interactions is greater than _______ are significantly more productive than teams who haven't acheived this ratio.

three to one


Making a point of regularly saying "_______" goes a long way in sustaining high performance

thank you


According to Kouzes and Posner, personalized recognition comes down to being _________.



By maintaining a positive outlook and providing motivating feedback leaders do what three things to peoples energy and drive?

Stimulate, rekindle, and focus people's energies and drive


In terms of recognition, personalizing requires knowing whats appropriate ________ and _______. 

individually; culturally


What three actions can help to build your competence and skill in recognizing contributions?

1.  Find out what's encouraging.  2.  Stop by for a visit.  3.  Develop a winner's attitude.


If strengthing credibility is one of your goals, there is no more productive way to spen an hour than talking one-on-one.  Fit some form of ______ into your daily routine. 

caring by wandering about (CBWA)


Someone who has a strong belief in the capacity of others and a confidence in his own ability to develop others is what?

A pygmalion


According to Kouzes and Posner, to have a winning attitude you have to do two things:

1.  Believe that your constituents are already winners.  2.  Behave in ways that communicate to them they are winners. 


According to Kouzes and Posner, criticism of an employee should be limited to their _______ rather than their ________.

behavior; character


According to Kouzes and Posner, feedback - prefereably extensive - should stress ________ rather than __________.

continuous progress; comparisons with other people