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- The audience must be considered if it is to be clearly understood
- Communication may be more informal for internal audiences e.g. emails between piers
- If communication is a presentation to a potential new client then it should be more formal


KEY TERM - Audience

- The people or other business that communication is aimed towards



- Business communications are for different purposes e.g. to inform, persuade, thank or to deal with a complaint (they also have different tones)
- Business communications that inform customers about a problem should clearly make a point in a few words so that the message is understood



- The content of business communication will influence the method of communication e.g if information is complex then a report would be useful as recipients can refer back to it


Business function

- The functional area producing the business communication will impact on the design and the purpose e.g. the marketing function is responsible for selling the potential benefits of a product or service


Available resources

- Resource availability will influence the choice of business communication in same situations e.g. if a business is selecting which form of advertising to use to communicate with potential customer, then the budget available will influence the decision


Quality of paper/card

- Card and high quality paper will cost more
- Business' should consider when it is necessary to use high quality materials and whether a hard copy is required at all


Colour v black and white

- Colour printing costs more than using black ink alone
- A deicison should be made as whether or not colour is necessary


Hard/Electronic copy

- Some documentation does not need to be printed and some do, it should be carefully considered what does need to be printed


Cost of consumables

- The cost of consumables may impact on decisions such as whether to send invoices by post or electronically


KEY TERM - Consumable

- Resources that will be used and replaced on a regular basis e.g. printer cartridges, stamps and paper


Ease/Cost of distribution

- Most business' use e-mail to notify customers of special offers because it is cheaper and ore direct then producing and posting leaflets and booklets
- Some business will produce leaflets and booklets to deliver into the area



- Copying or printing in black and white paper is a task that employees in most employees are able to complete their selves
- Complex jobs may be done by repographics department or an external organisation
- Each tasks is prioritised by certain staff - timescale likely to be longer


Formal Communication

- Letters are likely to be printed on headed paper which clearly identifies the sender
- Reports are used when detailed information needs to be presented. Reports contain narrative but can also include tables, graphs and figures


Verbal Communication

- Telephone calls are more personal than sending an e-mail or text
- Enables discussion and questions
- Telephone conferences are used when a group of people are not in the same location and a problem needs to be discussed
- Message both voicemail and answerphone allow verbal messages to be left
- Face to face can be range from formal meetings to general chatting.
- Being able to observe body language can be useful


Electronic Communication

- E-mail can be used for a variety of purposes
- Text message provides a limited amount of information quickly and easily
- Picture message/multimedia messaging service can be a useful tool for providing visual information quickly
- Social media - Advertising and promotional tool, however, negative feedback can damage business reputation
- Web pages - The business can control it, the purpose may vary
- Presentation slides may have a house style that must be followed


Marketing documentation

- Business cards enables potential and existing customers to be provided with contact details, quality of card may influence customer perception of the business
- Press release are a form of promotion used when a business wants to make an announcement to the media
- Promotional literature includes annual report, brochures and leaflets
- Questionnaires can be sued to gather market research data
- Professional in appearance
- Data collection sheets are often for internal purposes and as such do not need to be as colourful as some form of promotion literature


Recruitment documentation

- Job description summarises the key tasks of a job role
- Person specification states the essential and desirable skills an applicant will require to successfully undertake the role
- Adverts may vary depending on whether it is inserted into a newspaper or not
- Application forms must be straightforward to complete, while enabling the business to collect sufficient information about each person to shortlist people for the interview



- Often what is communicated relies on tone as much as the words used - facial expressions, body language, volume of speech and the way it is expressed


KEY TERM - Press release

- An announcement that issues information to the media. e.g. regarding an award or a new organisation



Logo - Most written or electronic, most communication will incoporate logo
Letterhead - Many business' will purchase pre-printed headed paper. Letters sent by business will have same format
Font - It is advisable to use a standard font when writing formal communication
Corporate Colours - Corporate colours on all business communication from letterheads to websites help to establish corporate identity
Images - Can be used to illustrate points made (it needs to be relevant and sued only if appropriate and permission has been granted