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Why do you need to be concerned about health and safety?

- don't want serious injuries or deaths
- reputation concern if prosecuted and exposed in the media
- need to comply with new H&S law
- negative flow on effects after event


What were the main stimuli for the new H&S act?

- Pike River Mine Disaster
- Chch earthquakes


What are the 3 key foundations of the new H&S act?

- Report of Royal Commission on Pike River Coal Mine Tragedy, Oct. 2012
- Report of the Independent Task Force on Workplace Health & Safety, April 2013
- Working Safer - A blueprint for Health and Safety at Work, August 2013


What are common themes of all reports?

- lack of industry guidance
- desire to review and develop regulations
- fit for purpose
- increased collaboration between regulator, stakeholders, and participants
- creation of new standalone regulator
- need for shared responsibility for workplace H&S
- duty of due diligence in senior management roles
- increase penalties


What is the recommendation frame for the Report of Independent Task Force on Workplace H&S?

- Accountability
- Motivation
- Knowledge


What are the major changes to the new H&S act?

- introduction of the concept of the 'Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking' PCBU as the primary duty holder
- positive duty of those in senior management roles
- penalty regimes
- risk based and proactive


What is the main purpose of the H&S act?

to provide a balanced framework to secure the H&S of workers and workplaces


Modes of achieving the acts new purpose?

- eliminate/ minimise risk
- promote worker representation
- provide advice, info, education, and training
- provide framework


What does reasonably practicable mean in terms of the new act?

that which was or is reasonably able to be done in relation to ensuring H&S taking into account all relevant matters


What are all relevant matters when considering H&S?

- the likelihood of the hazard
- degree of harm
- ought to know about minimising risk
- suitability of minimising risk


Requirements of a PCBU in terms of H&S:

- ensure the H&S of workers while at work, and people around working area
- engage with workers, establish H&S committee/ representative